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significance of Margashirsha month according to hindu mythology, Shri Krishna puja vidhi, krishna puja mantra, aghan month significance | मार्गशीर्ष माह को माना जाता है श्रीकृष्ण का स्वरूप, इस माह में कृं कृष्णाय नम: मंत्र का जाप करें

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  • Significance Of Margashirsha Month According To Hindu Mythology, Shri Krishna Puja Vidhi, Krishna Puja Mantra, Aghan Month Significance

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  • It is a tradition to bathe in the holy river in Aghan month and to have a pilgrimage to Mathura-Vrindavan

The ninth month of Hindi Panchang is going on. There is a tradition of doing special worship of Shri Krishna in this month. According to Pt. Manish Sharma, Jyotishacharya of Ujjain, Lord Shri Krishna has said in the Gita that Masaanam Margashirshoam i.e. Margashirsha is my form in all the months. For this reason, there is a tradition of worshiping Shri Krishna and his avatars in this month.

Why Aghan month is called Margashirsha month

According to Pt Sharma, the constellation which remains on the last day of the month i.e. on the full moon date in Hindi Panchang, the month is named after the same constellation. As Mrigashira Nakshatra remains on the full moon of Aghan month, this is why Margashirsha month is called.

It is a tradition to bathe in the river in this month

This month will be from Tuesday, December 1 to Wednesday, December 30. Dharma-karma performed in Margashirsha month leads to the attainment of renewable virtue. In this month, river bathing and charity are of special importance. During the childhood of Shri Krishna, when the gopis were meditating to get them, then Shri Krishna had told the importance of the month of Margashirsha. God had said that I can be attained by taking Yamuna bath in Margashirsha month. Since then, the tradition of bathing in Yamuna and other rivers has been going on in this month.

Worship Balgopal as child child of Shri Krishna

In this month, do special worship of Bal Gopal, the childlike form of Shri Krishna. In the puja, bathe the Lord every morning. Abhishek with a conch shell. Serve with basil. Offer yellow bright clothes. K कृ कृ कृa Kायायायa Namaya: Chant the mantra. There is also the tradition of Sri Krishna to visit Mathura, the birthplace. Gokul, Vrindavan, Govardhan Parvat can also be visited near Mathura. Take a bath in the Yamuna River in Mathura.