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Tannaz Irani’s Dedication: ‘Apna Time Bhi Aayega’ actress made distance for role, said- learned the art of casting from Ranveer Singh | ‘अपना टाइम भी आएगा’ की एक्ट्रेस ने रोल के लिए बनाई पार्टियों से दूरी, बोलीं- किरदार में ढलने की कला रणवीर सिंह से सीखी

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  • Tannaz Irani’s Dedication: ‘Apna Time Bhi Aayega’ Actress Made Distance For Role, Said Learned The Art Of Casting From Ranveer Singh

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10 minutes agoAuthor: Kiran Jain

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The recently launched new fiction show ‘Apna Time Bhi Aayega’ is the story of the journey of Rani (Megha Ray), the daughter of the head staff of a wealthy family of Jaipur. Actress Tanaz Irani, who plays the role of Maharani Rajeshwari in the show, has found a way to adapt to her negative character so that her enthusiastic personality does not dominate her role. It has been heard that the actress has made a distance with all the cast and crew on the set so that she can get into her character completely. To do so, Tanaz is inspired by none other than Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh himself.

Distance from the cast for the character

Tanaj says, ‘It is difficult for me to play this role, because it is completely different from my personality. I love talking and meeting new people and I am always knowing every party but this is not my role at the moment. So to maintain the negativity of my character, I have decided to stay away from my team. I think if I get to interact with everyone on the set, it will break the tough image of my character and I will lose that respect and personality towards my character. This is certainly difficult, but it keeps the entire atmosphere full of enthusiasm and in such a situation, everyone is satisfied with the work done. After all, we are all here to do our work.

Tanaz Irani got inspiration from Ranveer Singh

Tanaz further adds, “I really got inspired by Ranveer Singh when he locked himself in a room to cast himself in the film ‘Padmavat’. I think if he was doing this for films If we can, then we should do it for television as it really helps. It proved beneficial for me too. People don’t take television acting serially. But I believe if you keep it up and seriously From this, you can definitely benefit as an actor. “