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The effect of moon and spring on Phalgun Purnima brings excitement and joy in nature. | फाल्गुन पूर्णिमा पर चंद्रमा और वसंत ऋतु के प्रभाव से प्रकृति में होता है उत्साह और आनंद का संचार

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  • Changes in food should be done with Phalgun Purnima, fruits should be consumed more than this day

The moon has a special effect on Phalgun Purnima. Also there is spring. Therefore, special changes in nature also start to be felt from this day. For this reason, in Ayurveda and mythological texts, from this day itself, there has been talk of making changes in food and routine.

Moon was born in Phalgun
According to mythology, the moon was born in Phalgun itself, hence the moon is also worshiped in this month. Worshiping Lord Shri Krishna in the month of Phalgun is especially fruitful. Catering and lifestyle changes should be made on the full moon date of this month. In this month, the use of grains in food should be minimized and fruits should be consumed.

Communication of enthusiasm increases in nature
Phalgun Purnima is the full moon of spring. Nature changes during this season. On the full moon, the moon is with its saulah arts. The Moon is the lord of this date, so the effect of the moon also increases. The Moon begins to have more positive changes in nature with its rays. The influence of the moon and the spring season increases the transmission of enthusiasm in nature on this day.

Falgun Purnima should change routine
Vaidya Prashant Mishra, Medical Officer of SAS Ayurvedic Hospital Varanasi, says that the effect of spring increases on the full moon of the month of Phalgun. Therefore, changes should be made in food from this day. Should not sleep during the day. Light and easily digested food should be eaten. Fruit should be used more in food. Also, the use of new grains should be avoided and the old grains should be used.

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