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The oldest shila-shakti peeth is here

oldest shila-shakti peeth: Even today the burning flame is still burning …

Chaitra Navratri 2021 It has started from 13 March ie Tuesday. In such a situation, every Hindu these days engages in devotion to the Mother Goddess. Actually Goddess Durga eternal religion I am considered to be the goddess of power. In Chaitra month, on the nine days of Navratri, the glory of the nine goddesses is celebrated.

Along with this, there are many types of events to get blessings from the Mother Goddess. In such a situation, today we are telling you about one such temple of Goddess Temple. Which, while being very ancient, has a direct connection with it Mother Sati Has been assumed from

Actually, the tradition of worshiping the superpowers of the Shakta tradition Devbhoomi uttarakhand I am very old. The greatest religious influence here has been that of Lord Shiva (lord shiv) and his ardhangini Parvati. Various forms of Parvati have been worshiped like these superpowers. These superpowers have been addressed and worshiped by many names like Durga, Kali, Chamunda, Kalika, Mahakali.

gooddess mandir

In such a situation, the countless temples built here in the tradition of worshiping the superpower can be broadly divided into two classes. The first category consists of temples in which Goddess of power Statues of the mother are installed.

Such temples mainly consist of Durga, Mahishasuramardini, The statues of Mahishmardini, Har-Gauri and Chamunda etc. are distinguished. Whereas the second category includes temples in which the Goddess is worshiped as a rock or her Deity. In these temples Kasaradevi, Purnagiri-Mandir, Jakhandevi, Vindhyavasini and many other places are present.

According to mythology Daksha Prajapati He did not want to marry his daughter Sati to Shiva, but due to divine insistence he had to do so. Shortly after marriage, when Daksha Prajapati is having a meeting at his house Yajna I called all the gods, but Shiva (Shiv-Parvati) was hurt, and Parvati was hurt knowing this to be an insult to her husband.


Unhappy Parvati jumped into the Havanakund of the yagna, saying that in the next life too, she would choose Shiva as her life partner. when Shiva He came to know of this incident and he became very angry and he destroyed the Yajsthal (VeerBhadra) of Daksha Prajapati with the help of his army of Ganas.

Shiva became sati in Daksha Prajapati, seeing Shiva’s charred body, Shiva became recluse and started wandering around in space with Parvati’s body.

It is believed that Parvati’s body separated from her body and fell there. Shakti Peeth established Has happened. Mata Parvati’s Nayan fell in Nainital and Sarovar was born from the stream of tears emanating from her.

There is another important Goddess temple on the right side of the lake near the point in the center of the lake, called the Temple of the Stone Goddess.

Shiva on the shoulder of spacecraft Mata Parvati Nainital lake was formed by the eyes that fell from his burnt body. According to belief, the heart and other parts (ie stones) fell from that body on the southeastern floor of the hill of Ayarpata. The temple of Pashanadevi is established at the same place.


In this temple of Pashanadevi, the goddess is worshiped in the form of a figure embossed in the rock. Huge in size in this rock Goddess Durga Nine Goddess is seen. It is a unique rock, believed to have the face of the mother on this rock, while their feet are submerged in the lake below. In this temple every Saturday, Tuesday and Navratri, the goddess is offered chola.

In the premises of this temple Hanuman ( Hanuman ji ) In addition to the statue is also a Shivalinga. The rock, considered as the form of Navadurga, is furnished by giving the appearance of the face of the goddess. The devotees who come here offer vermilion to the goddess and the idol of the goddess is decorated from the vermilion itself.

Apart from popular belief, if the mythological and historical evidence is believed, then the stone goddess temple of Nainital Devbhoomi uttarakhand Oldest of Rock-chair Is one of Earlier, pastors of the surrounding villages used to offer milk and whey to this temple.

Even today, the same form of stone goddess is considered to be revered among the villagers. It is believed that Stone goddess Applying water that touches the mouth of the person not only provides freedom from skin diseases, but also opens the way for the spirits to come out of the loop.


this Nav Durga There is also talk of a cave under the Rupi rock, inside which is believed to be the abode of the serpents. Every year in the holy festival of Navratri, there is a flow of devotees here. While the importance of this temple increases on the ninth day of Navratri, because on this day the temple Maa bhagwati Darshan of all the 9 forms of K are together.

Devotees come from far and wide to have darshan of the nine forms of the mother. During this time, Bhagwati Pujan, Havan Yajna, Kanya Pujan, recitation of Sundar Kand, Ganesh Pujan, Panchangi Karma, Shri Ramchandra (Ramraksha shotra) There are rituals like family worship and unbroken Ramayana recitation.

According to the worship of the temple, since the inception of the temple, a monolithic light is lit here. Every day Sundarkand is here by the priest Durga Saptashati Is recited. Apart from the regular recitation in the months of Shravan and Magha Rudrabhishek Is also done. The Shringar offered to the Goddess is recognized by her clothes.

It is said that the infused water offered to Mata Durga is extracted once every ten days and is given as a medicine to the patients of stuttering and other similar diseases.