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Today, Saturn, Moon and Jupiter in the same constellation, these planets will also appear in the south-west direction in the evening. | आज शनि, चंद्रमा और बृहस्पति एक ही नक्षत्र में, शाम को दक्षिण-पश्चिम दिशा में नजर भी आएंगे ये ग्रह

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  • Today, Saturn, Moon And Jupiter In The Same Constellation, These Planets Will Also Appear In The South west Direction In The Evening.

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15 days ago

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  • The result of these three planets will be mixed, snowfall may occur in some parts of the country

Today the planet is in the same constellation as a symbol of peace, knowledge and justice. Today they are going to meet in Akash Mandal also. Jyotishacharya is also considering it a big astronomical event. This view will be visible in the south-west direction in the sky between December 6, ie, today, Thursday for about two hours i.e. around 6 to 8 o’clock.

Pandit Ganesh Mishra, the astrologer of Kashi, told that today Devguru Jupiter and Saturn planets will be together in the west, under the moon. But the common man will see this sight around 6 o’clock in the evening, which will be amazing. In this, Jupiter who is the god of knowledge, he will be more bright and the God of justice, Saturn will be seen in light blue with the moon in peace. At this time the Moon will be with its third art.

Astrology: Three planets will meet in the afternoon
If seen from astrological point of view, according to Pt. Mishra, these three planets will meet in the afternoon. After about 1.32 in the day, the Moon will also enter Saturn and the third phase of the Uttarashah Nakshatra along with the Guru and will remain together till 7.10 in the evening. Earlier on November 19, these three planets were in the same Nakshatra, but the distinction between Guru and Saturn’s constellation phase (part of the constellation) did not make such a coincidence. This will happen in the afternoon when the three planets, Guru-Moon and Saturn, will come in the third phase of Uttarashah Nakshatra.

Guru-Shani is in the same constellation from 30 October
Since the beginning of this year, Saturn is in the Uttarashah Nakshatra. At the same time, Jupiter was first in this constellation between March and July. After this, it is in this constellation from 30 October. But it did not reach the third part of this constellation. Such a situation is being created today when Saturn, Moon and Guru will be together in the third part of Uttarashah Nakshatra.

Fruit of guru-moon and saturn
This combination of Guru-Moon and Saturn will give mixed results. With the influence of these planets, there is a possibility of increasing grain and happiness in the country. By becoming a combination of God of knowledge and justice, the disputes going on in the country will be resolved. With the influence of Saturn, the court can take major decisions on disputes. But due to Shani, there is a possibility of increasing diseases in people and animals of the country. There are also chances of increasing accidents.
This combination of three planets can cause snowfall in the northern parts of the country. The cold will increase further. It may also rain in some places. Food items can be expensive. Prices of gold and silver and precious things may increase. Prices of cotton, cotton, peanuts, urad and moong may also increase. There are chances of increasing concern of the farmers of the country. The presence of Guru-Shani together will give inauspicious results for the education system. There will be discontent in the field of education and disputes will also increase.