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Tulsi is worshiped on Vasantotsav, worship of Shri Krishna, body’s energy is controlled with the help of Tulsi. | वसंतोत्सव पर तुलसी से होती है श्रीकृष्ण की पूजा, तुलसी के सेवन से कंट्रोल होती है शरीर की ऊर्जा

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  • Padma, Skanda and Bhavishya Purana say diseases and sins are eliminated with the use of Tulsi in the worship of Shri Krishna.

Lord Krishna is considered as the god of spring. In Shrimad Bhagwat, Shri Krishna has said that I am the spring in the seasons. Madhu is also a name of spring. That is why Shri Krishna is called Madhava. For this reason, there is a tradition of special worship of Lord Shri Krishna on Vasantotsav i.e. Holi. Tulsi is especially used in their worship. After this, basil is also consumed exclusively and the basil leaf is drunk with chewed water. Consuming Tulsi from a religious perspective gives salvation. At the same time, it also has scientific significance.

Religious importance: Basil ends sins
Special importance of Tulsi has been mentioned in Padma, Brahmavaivarta, Skanda, Bhavishya and Gurud Purana. These Puranas say that the use of Tulsi in worship ends sins unknowingly or unknowingly. Offering Tulsi letters to Lord Vishnu and Shri Krishna attains salvation. Taking Tulsi ascended to God with Charanamrit ends diseases and also increases age.

Scientific report and research on Tulsi
1. Botanist Dr. GD Nadkarni says that regular intake of Tulsi keeps the flow of energy in the body controlled.
2. According to the Imperial Malarial Conference, basil is a reliable and authentic medicine for malaria.
3. Scientists believe that basil contains antioxidants. Which is helpful in healing dead cells of the body.
4. The effect of Tulsi reduces the harm caused by chemical or other narcotics that reach the body.

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