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we should face problems to get success, how to get success, motivational story, inspirational tips about problems | बाधाओं से योग्यता में आता है निखार, बढ़ता है साहस और मिलती है सफलता

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One month ago

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  • The crop of the farmer was getting spoiled again and again, he was cursing God after getting upset, then God gave him a boon

Obstacles increase our thinking power. The chances of getting success are greatly increased by moving ahead without being afraid of problems. If you will not grow further by fearing obstacles, then no achievement can be achieved in life.

According to a folk tale, in the old times, a farmer’s crop used to deteriorate repeatedly due to the weather. Sometimes due to heavy rain, sometimes strong sunlight and sometimes cold, his crop did not flourish. This went on for a long time. Due to lack of good crop, his economic condition had also deteriorated.

He was a devotee of God, but due to troubles he started cursing God. Then God appeared there. The farmer told God his problem and said that you do not know farming. You make it rain at the wrong time, ever increasing strong sunlight and cold. This makes my crop worse every time.

The farmer said to God that you make the weather according to me, so that my crop can be good. May the weather be as I wish. Hearing these things, God said that this will happen right now.

From the next day the farmer started cultivating wheat again. When the farmer wanted rain, it would rain, when he needed sunshine for the crop, then sunlight would come out. In this way the season was going according to his wish. Gradually, his crop was ready. The farmer was very happy to see the green field.

When the time of harvest came, he saw that there were no grains of wheat in the earrings of the crop, all of them were hollow. Seeing this, he again remembered God. When God appeared, the farmer asked the reason for the hollow earrings.

God said that your crop has not caused any struggle at all, that is why it has become hollow. When crops struggle to protect themselves in strong rain, in strong wind, fight against strong sunlight, only then the process of grain formation starts in it. Just as gold has to be heated in the fire to shine, in the same way struggle for crops is also necessary.

Story lessons

The lesson of this story is that we should not be afraid of obstacles in our life. Our power of thinking increases with obstacles. Improves your ability. Being fearless and facing all the problems, there is definitely success.