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weekly rashifal for 30 november to 6 december, weekly horoscope, saptahik rashifal, ajay bhambi horoscope | सप्ताह में चंद्र के अलावा कोई और ग्रह नहीं बदलेगा राशि, आपके लिए कैसा रहेगा 6 दिसंबर तक का समय

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  • Ganesha Chaturthi Vrat on Aghaan month will start from 1st December, this week is auspicious for Aries-Taurus

The new week starts on Guru Nanak Jayanti. On Monday, November 30, there is the full moon of Kartik month and Guru Nanak Jayanti. This is the last date of Kartik month. The Aghan Mass will begin from 1 December. There will be no zodiac sign of any planet other than lunar this week i.e. 6th December. Changing the Moon sign in the week will travel from Taurus to Leo. Ganesh Chaturthi fast will be observed on Thursday, 3 December.

Know from Astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi, what will be the time from November 30 to December 6 for all the 12 zodiac signs?

Positive– Trusting your ability and talent will create profitable situations for you. The hidden talent inside you will now be exposed, which will increase your respect in the home and society.

Negative– But sometimes due to your importance, many works get spoiled. At the same time, misgivings also arise in the minds of some people. Therefore, keep your nature comfortable. So that there is no loss in your credit.

The business– Have complete confidence in your abilities this week. Due to your little hard work, you are getting chances of getting immense success in some work. Employed people can also get some good promotion related information.

Love– A program will be made for shopping related to the convenience of the house. And spending time with the family will make you feel refreshed.

Health– There will be a situation like a stretch in the nerves and pain. Avoid consumption of cold things.

Positive– Believing in divine authority and blessing of elders is creating the rise of fortune for you. Feel them. Your confidence will increase. And you will remain focused towards work with a new energy.

Negative– Sometimes emotionally you will feel yourself weak. Spend time with family in entertainment activities. Any concern related to any child will also arise.

The business– Business activities will remain normal. Keep patience in what is going on. Artistic work, tour and travel and media related work will get huge profits. So work with your full potential.

Love– Family atmosphere will be encouraging and any religious event will be planned in the family.

Health- Any type of emotional trauma can cause blood pressure and stomach problems. Keep your morale strong.

Positive– More time will be spent in social and religious activities. Because of your good works, your identity will be created in the society. And economic activity is expected to generate even more profits.

Negative– But at the same time you must also pay attention to your home. It is also necessary to listen to children’s problems and find solutions to them. Postpone the sale of land as there is a possibility of loss.

The business– Activities will be excellent in the field. Brothers’ cooperation will give more development in your work. But stress can arise due to employees. So do not ignore their activities.

Love– There will be some concern about the health of family persons. But the problems will also be solved by mutual cooperation of all.

Health– There will be excess of stress. Which will have an effect on your digestive system. So keep your routine organized.

Positive– This week the planetary position is leading the way for your luck growth. Some pending tasks are getting completed so keep your focus on them. The opposing side will dominate but will not be able to harm you.

Negative– You are being repeatedly advised to control your anger and anger. A work made with haste and extreme enthusiasm can go haywire. Also, family happiness and peace can also be affected.

The business– There will be minor problems in the job, but you will also find a solution with discretion. Take business expansion plans seriously. A slight negligence can lead to money loss.

LoveRegardless of your busyness, your family will remain your priority. Some misunderstandings may emerge in the husband-wife but they will also be resolved in time.

Health– There is a possibility of any kind of skin infection. Beware of the changing weather. Also stay away from addictions.

Positive– You will have significant contribution in social and political fields this week. Due to which you will also get respect. With the help of these contact sources for any problem related to the child’s career, there will definitely be a solution to your problems.

NegativeAt some point you will feel irritable in your nature, which can also affect your work capacity. Keep any travel related programs postponed as they will not be of any use.

The business– Make your relation stronger than public in the work area. Which will lead to maximum advertisement and increase in work. Also consider the advice of the elders of the family.

Love– Stay away from extramarital affairs. Due to these, there can be bitterness in family life as well. Also keep the displin in the home environment.

Health– You will feel lack of some energy and self-power inside you. Pay more attention to Yoga and meditation.

Positive– The ongoing misunderstanding from a friend or relative will be removed. And the relationship will be sweet again. Stress will be removed by the students getting success in the competition competition. It is also expected to find a solution to any ongoing problem regarding income tax or tax.

Negative– It will hurt to get any unpleasant news. Control expenses There are strong chances of spending money in vain works. A senior member may also have a health problem in the hospital.

The business– Job occupation requires individuals to work seriously. Some concrete and serious decisions in the business will prove beneficial. And the conditions will also remain favorable in the economic sector.

Love– Family happiness will be peace. Plans will be made for the admission related work of children. Extramarital affairs can cause trouble, so be careful.

Health– There is a possibility of any type of injury. Do not use your mobile much while driving. Also avoid any kind of intoxication.

Positive– This week planetary status is increasing your morale and confidence. Along with this, you are also getting respect and respect in the society. Make full use of your achievements.

Negative– Economic activity will be somewhat slow. Students will feel some deficiency in their morale. For this they need to seek counseling from an experienced person.

The business– There is a possibility of some noise in partnership related businesses. But taking a little prudence will make conditions favorable. Keep the decision of the partner paramount.

Love– There will be sweetness in husband-wife relationship. Also, love affairs will be relaxed with family acceptance.

Health– People affected by blood pressure and diabetes take more care of themselves. Keep taking medicines at the appropriate time.

Positive– Nowadays you are paying a lot of attention to your work efficiency and ability. You are also getting positive results. You will also get an opportunity to attend religious functions related to the house of a close relative.

Negative– Keep in mind that due to some of your behavior, some feelings may arise from close friends etc. It is better to keep yourself separate from others. Because, it can also have an impact on your family life.

The business– Due to your hard work in the professional field, proper results will also be obtained. So keep all your attention focused on your work. But any illegal work of any kind can cause problems for you. This caution must be taken.

Love– There is a possibility of a quarrel situation between husband and wife. It is better not to interfere in any matter. Let them work as they please.

Health– Health will be fine. Do not worry about anything.

Positive– Suddenly meeting an old friend will make old things fresh. And there will be happiness in the mind. You will get an opportunity to attend important seminars and meetings. Any good and important information will be received through mobile or media.

Negative– Be very careful in driving the vehicle. There is a possibility and possibility of some kind of unpleasant event happening. Stay away from lottery, gambling, betting, otherwise the money earned will also go out. It is necessary to spend time with your family and children.

The business– Schemes related to business activities are pending. Money lent to someone can get trapped. So take care and do not sign any paper without reading it. Avoid wasteful expenditure. Employees will have a relaxed atmosphere at the workplace.

Love– There will be some plans for the issues related to the expenses related to the admission of the child, in which the full supportive behavior of the life partner will solve many of your problems.

Health– Health will be fine. A little bit of tension can occur. But with little care you will get rid of it.

Positive– In any task this week, prioritize the voice of the mind rather than the heart. You are going to get new possibilities. Suddenly a stagnant payment will improve the economic situation.

Negative– Postpone any kind of trip. No positive results are expected. Rather a situation of loss is being created. And relationships with anyone can be bad.

The business– Keep your focus on what is currently going on in the work area. Profitable positions are being created in a partnership-related business. Keep marketing related tasks postponed.

LoveSometimes irritability of your nature gives some stress to the family and spouse. Therefore, to make family life happy, it is necessary to change the nature.

Health– Health will remain good. But it is very important for women to be aware of their health. There is a possibility of some kind of infection.

Positive– Misunderstandings going on for some time in the family will be removed from your mediation this week. Due to which the environment of the family will be normal. Home renovation work is also likely to begin.

Negative– There may be some kind of story from a nearby person. So avoid using harsh and vulgar language. Trusting others too can be harmful for you.

The business– Don’t expect much profit in business right now. People will get respect from high officials by fulfilling their target.

Love– Be positive and supportive towards your spouse, which will boost their confidence. Also, the family atmosphere will be pleasant.

Health– Health will be fine but it is necessary to protect yourself from the current environmental conditions. Therefore, care has to be taken also.

Positive– People of this zodiac are rich in peace-loving personality. This quality of yours will work as an weapon in many cases. By controlling expenses, we will get rid of the economic problem. Along with this, you will get any stalled money.

Negative– There may be a lack of concentration among students in their studies. These people should not compromise with their careers by falling into social media and wasteful things. And there is more need for hard work and hard work.

The business– There is a need to reconsider the plans you are making for starting a new business or expanding the existing business. Officers and colleagues will be fully supported in the job.

Love– Family members will also provide full support in your work. Disagreements, stress situations can arise in love relationships, due to which slander is also possible.

HealthStay away from stress, depression and seasonal diseases. Along with proper food intake, also take Ayurvedic medicines.