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What Things Will Be Fortunate To Be Offered On Lohri – Lohri 2021: लोहड़ी के दिन राशि के अनुसार दें अग्नि में इन चीजों की आहुति, चमक उठेगा आपका भाग्य

  • Lohri festival will be celebrated on 13 January (Lohri 2021)
  • What are the things that will be good if you sacrifice Lohri

new Delhi. On 13 January, the festival of Lohri (Lohri 2021) will be celebrated across the country. This festival is associated with crop sowing and harvesting. And from this day the new year starts for the farmers of Punjab and Haryana. Many faiths are also associated with worshiping Lohri. On this day, the worship of fire removes the poverty of the house and good luck is achieved. This festival is also special for new couples. Lohri Fire has special significance on offering Lohri. Know, this year’s Lohri is the most special of those people (Lohri Horoscope 2021). By giving what amount of sacrifice to those who are in the fire, happiness and prosperity remains in the family.

Wish for health, Aries people
For the Aries people, on this special day of the festival, a couple cloves, sesame seeds and jaggery should be rolled on their head and put in Lohri Fire with right hand. By doing this all your wishes will be fulfilled. Wish you and your family good health by joining hands with the fire god.
Pray for prosperity and prosperity
The people of Lohri celebrate this zodiac (Taurus) with their family. And pour a handful of sugar candy with a handful of whole rice in the fire of Lohri with your right hand and pray to Agni Dev for prosperity and growth in your home.
Happy family members of Gemini sign
People of Gemini sign should celebrate Lohri (Lohri 2021) with their parents and siblings. You take a handful of whole moong and wheat and put these things in the fire with right hand. Along with this, wish the fire god to keep yourself and family safe.

People of Cancer zodiac must do this remedy
The people of Cancer should celebrate the festival of Lohri with their parents. You put a handful of rice and a handful of Kheel-Batashe in the fire. By this, good peace will remain in your house throughout the year.
Tribals of Leo sign will end
The people of Leo zodiac (Leo) should start the festival of Lohri with blessings from all elders in their home. You must do a circumambulation by putting a handful of whole wheat-rice and betas in the fire with your right hand. By doing this, your every task will be completed.
Virgo natives will get fruit in business
People of this zodiac (Virgo) should especially celebrate the festival of Lohri with their brother-in-law. Put a handful of peanuts, two cloves and betashe in the fire and put them in the fire. This will open the way for increasing the position in your business as well as job.

People of Libra zodiac pray for health of partner
The native of Libra zodiac, take a handful of jowar, two cloves and two bets on Lohri and put it in the fire with his right hand. Wishing the spouse good health by doing so.
The troubles of Scorpio zodiacs will be overcome
Put a fistful of peanuts, a fist revdi and two cloves in the fire with your right hand on a Lohri with Scorpio zodiac (Scorpio). Also, pray to the fire god to get rid of all kinds of problems.
Sagittarius people will have tension away
The native of Sagittarius sign should take one handful of gram lentils, one turmeric lump, two cloves and one betsha and put Lohri Fire in the fire with his right hand. Due to this, the big problems faced by you will soon go away.