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Where Shani Dev resides for 12 months

Bronze statue of Shani Dev in the temple ….

In Sanatan Dharma, Shani Dev has the status of a special deity. While Saturn is considered the god of justice. At the same time, the punishment given by them under the law of punishment scares everyone.

Today, with Saturday being Saturn, it is the day of Amavasya, in such a situation, today we are going to tell you about a temple of Shani Dev, where miracles happen once a year.

By the way, temples of Shani Dev exist in many places in the country. But a temple of Shani Dev is considered to be very special in the whole country, which is present at an altitude of 7000 feet, as well as an unbroken flame burning here for hundreds of years. Apart from this, some miracle also happens every year here.

Actually we are talking about Shani Dham present in Kharsali of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand. Where the shrine of Shani Dev, the elder brother of the mother Yamuna, is located. Lord Shanidev resides here for 12 months. A large number of devotees visit the Shani temple every year to overcome their sufferings.

At an altitude of 7000 ft …
According to mythology, the god of justice is Shani Dev, the brother of the Hindu goddess Yamuna. Dev Bhoomi is situated in Kharsali in Uttarakhand, situated at an altitude of about 7000 feet above sea level. It is said that people come here in large numbers every year to relieve their sufferings and see Shani Dev.

It is believed that this temple was built by the Pandavas. This temple is five-storey, but from the outside view it is not known that this temple is five-storeyed. According to experts, stone and wood have been used in the construction of this temple.

Today is Shani Shastri Amavasya and in Sanatan Dharma, the special importance of worshiping Shani Dev on Saturday is stated. Shani is believed to affect our lives immensely.

According to astrology, people who want to improve the position of Shani with their horoscope, they get special benefit by visiting this Shani temple on Saturday. Apart from this, miracles do happen once a year here.

Akhand Jyoti: All the sorrows of life go away
At the same time, a bronze statue of Shani Dev sits in this temple and there is also a monolithic light here. It is believed that the mere sight of this unbroken light removes all the sorrows of life and gets rid of Shani dosha. It is said that a miracle happens once a year in this temple.

Miracles happen …
According to the locals, every year on the day of Kartik Purnima, the pitcher placed on top of the temple itself changes. It is said that the devotee who comes to the Shani temple on this day, all his troubles are removed.

Shani Dev comes here to meet sister Yamuna
According to the legends prevailing here, Shani Dev meets his sister Yamuna at Yamunotri Dham every year on Akshay III and returns to Kharsali. At the same time, two days after Diwali, they take Yamuna to Kharsali on the festival of Bhaidduj or Yama Dwitiya. At this time Shani Dev and Goddess Yamuna are worshiped and taken along on a religious journey.

Shani Dev resides in the temple for 12 months and a three-day Shani Dev fair is also held in Kharsali on the solstice of Sawan. At the same time stone and wood have been used in the construction of the temple. This temple is about 5 kilometers before Yamunotri Dham.