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With the emergence of Guru planet, the day will be more auspicious for mangal works. | गुरु ग्रह के उदित हो जाने से मांगलिक कामों के लिए और भी शुभ रहेगा दिन

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  • Marriage Muhurat will remain on April 22, now 2 months after the planet Venus
  • Due to Devshayan, 5 Muhurats are the lowest for marriage in July

The auspicious works begin after the Sun enters Capricorn, but this time, on January 19, Guru Tara is not auspicious for weddings due to setting. Therefore, the first marriage of the year was on 18 January. Together, there are 51 Muhurats of marriage in the whole year. Now the marriage Muhurat will start from 22 April due to the demise of Guru and then Venus in January. This time there are 24 marriage muhurats less than last year.

Guru Uday and Venus will stay
Jupiter will rise with sunrise in the morning on Vasant Panchami. But on this day Venus planet will be set. So these days marriage is not auspicious, yet in some places there will be weddings in the Abuja Muhurat of Vasant Panchami. On this day, Jupiter will be auspicious for the whole day for the rites and other auspicious works.

Basant Panchami: Muhurta for every Mangalik work
Along with Siddhi, Sarvarthasiddhi and Raviyog, many types of Raja Yoga are also being made on Basant Panchami. With the formation of these auspicious yogas, this day is considered to be good for the beginning of new work. This day is auspicious for the life of the temple, foundation of the house, entrance of the house, buying vehicles, starting business etc. Annaprashan Sanskar can also be performed on this day.

Weddings will not take place on these dates
There will be a ban on marriage muhurat many times in this year. According to Pandit Ganesh Mishra, the planet Venus will remain in place from February 16 to April 17. After this, there will be no marriage due to the Devashayan period from July 20 to November 14. Then due to start Kharmas from December 15 at the end of the year, marriage ascendant will not happen.