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Worship of Sheetla Mata on Ashtami Tithi on Sunday, this fast is beneficial for health | रविवार को अष्टमी तिथि में होगी शीतला माता की पूजा, सेहत के लिए फायदेमंद होता है ये व्रत

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  • The importance of worshiping Sheetla Mata is told in Skanda Purana, the offerings of cold food are eaten during their fast.

The importance of Goddess Sheetla Mata has been told in Skanda Purana. Therefore, they will be worshiped and fasted on the Ashtami date of Krishnapaksha of Chaitra month. This time this date will be on April 4. Some people celebrate it on Saptami day. Both days are dedicated to Mata Sheetla. There is a mythological belief that this fast is beneficial for health. It does not cause diseases and infection can also be avoided.

Basoda tradition
According to the traditions of Basoda, fire is not lit on this day to cook food. So most of the women cook the food on the day before Shitala Ashtami and on the day of Basoda all the members of the household consume this cold food. Sheetla Mata is believed to protect against diseases like smallpox, measles etc. It is believed that worshiping Sheetla Maa does not cause diseases like smallpox, measles, elder mother, younger mother and if it happens, it gets rid of it soon.

After the puja, this festival is celebrated by distributing Basoda
On this day, the women take a bath with cold water and then perform puja with all the ingredients of the puja, along with the food prepared at night. A fast is observed on this day and the story of the mother is heard. After this, Sheetlashtak Stotra is read. After the worship of Sheetla Mata, her mantras are recited. The mother’s prasad is distributed among all the devotees on the completion of the puja with the law. In this way, when the worship is over, the devotee wishes for peace and happiness from the mother.

Nature of shitala mata
According to popular belief, the nature of Sheetla Maa is extremely cold and is going to defeat diseases. Their vehicle is a donkey, and they have urn, soup, broom and neem leaves in their hands. They are mainly worshiped during the summer season. The main festival of his worship is Sheetla Ashtami. According to Hindu Panchang, Basoda is worshiped on the Ashtami date of Krishnapaksha of Chaitra month.

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