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श्री गणेश का दिन (बुधवार) : जानें आज के दिन किस विधि से करें प्रसन्न

In the Sanatan Dharma, Lord Shriganesh is considered as the first deity. At the same time, on weekdays, he is considered special for worshiping Shri Ganesh, because he is considered as the causative god of Wednesday. Among the Adi Panch Devas, Shriganesh is considered to be a major god.

It is believed that with the name-remembrance, meditation-chanting, worship of Lord Shrinesh, the intellect power of the worshiper is developed, as well as all his wishes are fulfilled. Along with this, the obstacles and sorrows that come in the works are also destroyed, due to which the growth of joy and Mars increases.

एकदंतं महाकायं तप्तकांचनसंनिभम्।
लम्बोदरं विशालाक्षं वन्देसहं गणणायकम् ।।

According to experts, the expressed form of Omkar is Ganapati. Just as the utterance of Omkar is necessary at the beginning of every mantra, similarly worship of Lord Shri Ganesha is considered mandatory on every auspicious occasion.

In such a question naturally arises that how to worship Lord Shri Ganesh that he is pleased, then in this regard, Pandit Sunil Sharma says that a very simple worship method to please Lord Shri Ganesh in this way is…

Shri Ganesh Poojan: This is material…
Outpost, Shri Ganesh Statue, ‘For Panchamrit: one bowl of milk, half a bowl of curd, two spoons of honey, one teaspoon of ghee, two spoons of boora or sugar’, – a vessel of pure water, a spoon, a plate for bathing. , Ganesh ji’s garments, Ganesh ji’s ornaments, Yajnopaveet, Kalava i.e. Molly, Sandalwood, Roli, Rice, Sindoor, Sugandhi Dravya (Abir Gulal, Perfume), Florist, Flower, Durva, Shamipatra, Incense, Agarbatti, Deepak, Aarti, Camphor, naivedya (modak, nuts), bananas, roetuffle and coconut, betel leaf (make a betel with 1 betel nut, two long and cardamom on it), rupees for dakshina (in reverence)

Worship method of Shri Ganesh …
Under this, first of all, take a bath and wear pure clothes, then sit on the pedestal facing east. Keep all the ingredients for worship.

After this, set up an outpost for Shri Ganesh in front, on which Lala cloth will be laid. Put a statue of Shri Ganesh on it. If there is no idol, then in a vessel (small plate), wrap red Kalava on betel nut and install it on the rice, just Lord Shri Ganesh is present here in the form of realization.

Before starting the worship, light a lamp of ghee and place it on the right side of the outpost on top of some rice. ॐ Deepjyotishe nam: Saying that, offer a wreath on the lamp with a splash and pray in your mind, O lamp! You are a witness to my worship as a god, until my worship is over, you will remain here.

Now take the flower, Durva and Akshat in your hand and meditate on Shri Ganesh Ji-

गजाननं भूतगणादिसेवितं कपित्थजम्बूफल चारुभक्षणम्।
Umasutam Shokvinashakarakam Namami Vighneshwar Padapankajam.

After this, offer all the material with different names of Shri Ganesh to them. This will also give Kafal the pronunciation of various names of Shri Ganesha along with the puja.

Hey Sumukh! I remember you, call you, greet you. You accept this posture. Offer this kind of hand in front of Shri Ganesh with flowers and intact hands.

After this, if the idol of Shri Ganesh is of clay, then take bath etc. only by giving it a splash of water. At the same time, if there is a metal idol, then take their bath in a methodical manner, under it keep the metal idol in a plate or bowl. Again…
Hey tall! Saying that this is your feet, offer water on the feet to wash Ganesha’s feet.

Hey Umaputra! Saying that it is inexhaustible for you, apply water splashes with the feeling of washing the hands of Ganesha.

O crooked one! Offer water to Ganesh ji’s trunk by saying that it is water to catch fire.

Hey Shankarasuvan! Saying this is water for your bath, give Ganesh ji a bath with water, then take a bath with Panchamrit. Take a bath again with pure water. Then spray the trunk on the trunk and make it glow. Wash the idol with a clean cloth and install it in the outpost.

Hey Shupakarna! These are clothes and lingerie for you. In the absence of dhoti and lingerie, offer two pieces of cloth with the spirit of cloth.

Hey hunch! This is the Yajnopaveet for you, and make Ganesha wear the janeu.

It’s a tooth! This is the jewelry for you, accept them.

Hey Ganapati! These are sandalwood, roli, rice, vermilion, abir-gulal and perfume for you, offer all these ingredients one after the other to Ganesha.

O disruptor! I have brought this beautiful wreath for you, accept it.

Hey gajmukh! I have brought you very green, am 1 tamya 21 durwa, accept them. Saying this, Ganesh ji should tie 21 durva with a moli, in the same way, Ganesh ji is also pleased with two durvadals. If a shami letter is available, then offer a shami letter as well.

Hey awesome! This is Dhoom and incense sticks for you.

Hee heeram! This is a lamp made of cotton wick in pure ghee for you, just like this lamp removes all the darkness, in the same way, you can remove our sins. Saying this, first offer rice to the lit lamp.

Hey Siddhivinayak! This is the enjoyment of Laddu (Modak) for you. You always love modak. You accept this and unleash my devotion towards you.

Hey intellectual! This is the fruit for you, you are the fruit for me.

Hey scholar! I offer this coconut fruit to you, so that I can get success in my life.

Hey Kapil! This is tambool (paan) for you. If betel leaf is not available then offer one betel nut, two cloves and one cardamom.

Hey god This is Dakshina for you, accept it and give me peace.

Hey god This is Dakshina for you, accept it and give me peace.

Finally perform aarti of Lord Shri Ganesh by lighting wick and camphor immersed in the house …

Shendur Lal offers good to Gajmukh.
Dondil Lal Biraje Sut Gauri-Hara.
Gudaladdu Sai Survarko with a hand.
I am not going to say glory, I am not a foot. ॥1॥
Jai Jai Shri Ganraj Vidya Sukhadata.
Blessed be your philosophy my heart
The eighth perfection is the enemy of the slave crisis.
Vighnavishan Mangal Murat Adhikari.
Kotisurajprakash AB Chhabi Teri.
Gandasthalamadastak Swing Shashibihari ॥2॥
Jai Jai Shri Ganraj Vidya Sukhadata.
Blessed be your vision my heart
No refuge from sentiment.
May all the saints get plenty.
In this way you chef Moko is very emotional.
गोसावीनंदन निशिदिन गुन गावे ॥3॥
Jai Jai Shri Ganraj Vidya Sukhadata.
Blessed be your vision my heart

Now finally offer flowers to Ganapati ji as a wreath and do obeisance by doing circumambulation and pray pardon – ‘Whatever newness or excess has occurred to me in Ganesha-Poojan, O fruitful! I’m sorry. May Mahaganapathi be satisfied with this worship with intelligence and wisdom. ‘