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aaj ka jeevan mantra by pandit vijay shankar mehta, ramayana motivational story, ram and ravan war, life management tips by pandit vijay shankar mehta | जब लोग तारीफ करें तो उसमें झूठ खोजिए, अगर आलोचना करें तो उसमें सच की तलाश कीजिए

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2 month agoAuthor: Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta

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  • Ravana praised Hanuman by punching him, but Hanuman understood Ravana’s flattering behavior hidden in it.

story – The war was going on in Ramayana. Ravana and Lakshmana were face to face. Ravana exerted such a force that Lakshmana fainted for some time. At that time Hanumanji saw that Ravana was trying to lift Laxman, so he immediately reached there. Now Hanumanji and Ravana came face to face. When Hanumanji punched Ravana with a punch, he fell unconscious.

After some time, when Ravana became aware, he stood up and praised Hanuman. A world winner like Ravana, who never praised anyone, was praising Hanumanji today. Then Hanuman said, “Shut up Ravan, I don’t want to hear your praise from my mouth. I am sorry that you have survived even after my punch. This is my weakness.”

Hearing this, Ravana understood that this person would not come in the guise of his praise. Hanumanji also knew that people like Ravana praised and tricked them, then defeated them.

Learning Whenever someone praises you, see if it is not flattering, we are not being lured, there is no lies in it. Keep only such a part of the praise that inspires us. Whenever someone condemns, one must find the truth in it, because condemnation can be a very big sign for us, which can be useful in improving ourselves.

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