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Lord Hanuman, the chief deity of Kalyug …

Hanuman ji is considered as the 11th Rudravatara in Sanatan Hinduism. At the same time, apart from being Hanuman Chiranjeevi, Sri Rama devotee has also been considered as the main deity of Kali Yuga. In such a situation, in this ongoing Kalyug, everyone wants to please Hanuman ji and ask for a desired boon from him.

According to astrology, Hanuman ji mainly owns Mars in the planets. Here Devasenapati is considered as a factor of might, while Hanuman ji is also considered as the most powerful. Due to which all kinds of demons, demons and ghosts all tremble in front of them. At the same time, he is considered as the causative god of Tuesday in the war of the week, it is believed that Hanuman ji can be easily pleased on this day.

Shri Hanuman ji’s name is taken with utmost sanctity in Hinduism, in such a situation, today we are telling you how to worship Hanuman ji on Tuesday.

In this regard, Pandit Sunil Sharma says that Hanuman ji is a unique devotee of Shri Ram ji, hence the name of Rama always comes while worshiping him. On the other hand, for worshiping Hanuman ji, Tuesday is considered to be the most appropriate in the morning.

On the other hand, if you worship Hanuman ji everyday, time can also be done in the evening. There is also a special thing in Hanuman Ji’s daily worship that it should be done everyday at a certain time.

Hanuman Puja Vidhi: The method of worship of Hanuman …
To worship Shri Hanuman, first of all, the devotee should be purified by taking a bath in the morning. After this, sit on the east side and sit in front of you and there should be a statue of Shree Hanuman ji or a picture of Ram Darbar in front of you. At this time, chanting the mantra with rice, flowers and Durva in hand, should meditate on Shree Hanuman ji.
Unbroken strength
Danujavanakrishunam Gyaninnamagrgyam.
सकलगुणनिधानं वानराणामधीशं
Raghupatipriya bhaktam vatjatam namami.

After meditating, offer flowers and other materials in your hand to Lord Hanuman. According to the belief, by meditating Hanumanji in front of the Rama Darbar, Shri Ram’s grace is also attained. Offer Smell, vermilion, kumkum, rice, fruit and necklace to Hanumanji. During this, you can also chant the mantra of Shri Rama.

Pooja Stuff…
To worship Hanuman ji, you have to have red clothes, garrison, idol of Lord Rama, a cup of raw rice, incense sticks, a lamp filled with ghee, flowers, sandalwood or roli, Gangajal, basil leaves and jaggery or roasted gram for enjoyment. Must be compulsory. At the end of the puja, chant the Hanuman Mantra “Om Hanumate Namah” 108 times and after chanting the mantra, bow before the Hanuman ji and ask him to accept the worship done, then your worship is considered complete.

how hanumanji become happy: how to make hanuman ji happy
While worshiping Hanuman ji, do not do any such act which annoys him, in such a situation, what should we do to please him? And what not to do? :

To appease Hanuman ji, you should use red or yellow cloth to worship him, and do not worship Hanuman ji by wearing black clothes.
– Do not go to Hanuman ji’s temple after consuming liquor, because by doing this, Hanuman ji gets annoyed at the very top.
In order to maintain purity during this time, take special care that the place where you are worshiping them should be clean and tidy.
Don’t forget to use the fragmented idol of Hanuman ji, or any deity, in worship.
– Must observe Brahmacharya before one day of worship.

Offer prasad to Hanuman ji like this …
In this way, Hanuman Ji should be offered Prasad on a banana leaf, but if it is not possible then place the Prasad on top of the betel leaf in a bowl and offer it to Hanumanji. After this, offer fruits. Churma, soaked gram or jaggery etc. can be kept in the prasad. After this, burn a lamp of camphor and ghee in a plate and perform aarti of Hanumanji.

Hanuman Ji Bhajan: Bhajan of Hanuman
To worship Hanuman ji, one has to perform his aarti also, in such a situation you can also recite this aarti while worshiping Hanuman ji:

Let us sing the glory of the baba Hanuman . Wicked Dalan Raghunath Kala.
Girivar Kampai with the help of force. Don’t go near the fault of the disease.
Anjani son Maha Baldai. Lord of Santan always endured.
De Bira sent Raghunath. Lanka continued to bring Sia.
Lanka dug up the sea like a coat. Jat did not bring Pawansut bar.

Lanka Jari Asura killed everyone. Siyaram Ji’s work.
Laxman fainted. Lai Sanjivan Pran Ubare ..
Paithi Patal Tori Zamare Uphold the arms of Ahiravan.
Left arm asura samhare. Right arm Sant Jan stars.
Perform the sur male sage aarti. Jai Jai Jai Hanuman Pickles.

Kanchan thar kapoor flame engulfed. Aarti Karat Anjana Mai.
Aarti Gave of Hanuman ji. Basi Baikunth Parampada Paave.
Lank demolished Raghurai. Tulsidas Prabhu sang Kirti.