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12 days agoAuthor: Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta

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  • Paramhansa explained to Swami Vivekananda, ‘A person can do anything in private, but good works should be done with everyone, in front of everyone’.

story- Swami Vivekananda once thought that I have to join religion and spirituality. I should leave everything and sit in a cave in the Himalayas and meditate and meditate. He also announced this.

When Ramakrishna Paramahansa came to know about this, he called Vivekananda and said, ‘Narendra, why do you want to go to the Himalayas?’

Vivekananda said, ‘I will do penance there.’

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa explained, ‘You are worthy, austerity will also be done, but what is the use of such austerity? Many of those who are in and around this world are dying of hunger. Someone is illiterate. Somebody is enslaving someone. Someone is disturbed. Many problems are going on in human life today. Instead of solving these problems, you are talking about sitting alone in the Himalayas and doing penance. Will your soul and god accept such penance?

If you really want to do penance, then apply your ability to those who are unable. Serving the poor and helpless is a great penance in itself. God is also pleased by this.

The tenacity and strength that is felt for the good of others in public life, it is not possible to be alone. Alone, you can do whatever you want by sitting in the Himalayan cave. Do penance with everyone, do it in front of everyone.

After hearing these words of Paramhansa ji, Vivekanandji resolved that from now on my life will be for public interest.

Learning If we use our ability and strength in the interest of others, it will also lead to social welfare and devotion to God. That is why one should always be ready to help the needy people.