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2 hours agoAuthor: Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta

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Story – The demons led by Asura Bali defeated the gods and captured heaven. The gods were very upset and they reached their mother Aditi. The gods told their problems to the mother.

Aditi performed a special vow named Payo at the behest of husband Kashyap Rishi. Due to the effect of this fast, a divine child was born. We know this child by the name of Vamana. Vamanadeva was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Daityaraj Bali was defeated by Vamana at the age of seven. Daityaraj Bali had an arrogance that he is the biggest donor. Vishnuji arrived as Vamana and said, ‘Donate only three steps of land to me.’

On hearing Vamana, Bali said in arrogance, ‘This little boy does not know that the whole earth is in my possession at this time. He said, ask for three steps on the earth.

When Vamana was pledging to donate with sacrifice, Shukracharya, the guru of the Asuras, refused him. Shukracharya said, ‘Rajan is not an ordinary child. God has come to cheat you. ‘

Bali said, “If God has come to ask at my door, then I cannot refuse him.”

When Bali sacrificed a lotus to take the pledge of charity, Shukracharya went to the small lot and went to the pit of the lotus, so that the water could not come out of the lotus and the king could not take the resolution. Vamana came to know about this, he put a thin wood lotus in the stick, which caused an eye of Shukracharya.

Shukracharya came out of the lot and King Bali resolved to donate three feet of land. After this Vamana enlarged his size and measured the earth with one leg and heaven with the other leg. He said to the king, “Tell me, where do I put my third leg?” Then Bali said, ‘You can put the third leg on my head.’ In this way the arrogance of King Bali was over.

Learning – The lesson of this story is that whenever a person does a good job, he should not stop. We ourselves should do good work and let others also do good work. The importance of Guru is very high, but if Guru becomes a hindrance in good work then God punishes him in his own way. Good works for God are also like worship.

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