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After some time, Shivling is added again after being fragmented, it’s bijli mahadev, kullu

After some time the Shivling is added again after being fragmented, it is called the Lightning Mahadev…

There are many temples to Lord Shankar in the country. Many of which are very miraculous, some are still considered to be awake. One of these temples is the mysterious Shiva temple in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, which nobody has solved till date. A pindi of Lord Shiva is present in this temple. And the most special thing in relation to this temple is that on every 12 years it falls on celestial lightning, but even after this, there is no loss of any kind to the temple.

Situated in Kullu, this temple is at the confluence of Parvati and Vyas Parvati and Vyas river on high hills. This Shivling is known as Bijli Mahadev every 12 years due to lightning. At the same time, local people call this Shivling as Butter Mahadev, while some people also call it Shivalaya of Bijli Mahadev. This Shivling of Bholenath is located at a place called Mathan, 18 kilometers from Kullu. This place is situated at an altitude of 2450 meters above sea level. There is also heavy snowfall in winter.

This is how temples reach …
To reach the temple one has to climb hard. The main attraction here is 100 m. There is a long flag (stick). Seeing it, it sounds like it is penetrating the sun. It is said about this flag (stick) that the lightning strikes in it is a blessing from God. Lightning falls on this flag of the temple almost every year.

Let us know some interesting things about this mystery of lightning that has been going on for centuries …
According to legend, the entire Kullu valley is the form of a giant snake. This snake was slaughtered by Lord Shiva. According to the belief, every 12 years, only after taking the orders of Lord Shiva, Lord Indra releases electricity with the permission of Bholenath. Shiva lingam of the temple is broken due to lightning. After this, the worshipers of the temple apply butter on the broken Shivling as an ointment, so that Mahadev will get relief from pain.

This is how the story of this mystery …
According to the legend, there used to be an elusive monster named Kulant in this temple. Once, he stopped the water of Vyas river to kill all the creatures. Mahadev got angry after seeing this. After this Mahadev created a maya. Lord Shiva went to the monster and told him that his tail was on fire. In such a situation, as soon as the monster turned backward to see the tail, Lord Shiva struck the monster’s head with his trident and in this way Kulant was killed. It is said that his giant body turned into a mountain, which we today call the mountain of Kullu.

This is the recognition of lightning …
According to the legend, when Lord Shiva killed the Kulanta monster, after that he asked Indra to drop the electricity every 12 years. Shivalinga is broken by lightning, which is cured with butter by the priests here, which later hardens.

Why electricity falls on Shivling
According to the legend, Lord Shiva, after killing the Kulant, told Indra that he should drop electricity there every 12 years. To do this, Lord Shiva said so that there is no loss of public wealth. It is said that here God himself protects his devotees by enduring electric shock.

Electricity falls on certain days?
It is also a special thing about this temple that while electricity falls on the temple every 12 years, on the one hand, this electricity falls only in the month of Savan. Lightning causes damage to the entire village, including the temple, but Shiva protects the entire village. This scene is seen once in twelve years.