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amalaki ekadashi 2021, amalaki ekadashi vrat significance, amalaki ekadashi date, amalaki ekadashi kab hai | बुधवार और आमलकी एकादशी का योग 24 को, इस दिन आंवले की पूजा करने की परंपरा

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  • Wake up early in the morning on Ekadashi and offer water to the sun after bathing, plant a temple gooseberry

On Wednesday, March 24, it is Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Phalgun month. It is called Rangabhari and Amalaki Ekadashi. It is a tradition to worship Amla tree on this date. Also, one should worship for Mata Annapurna. According to Pt. Manish Sharma, Jyotishacharya of Ujjain, on the day of Amalaki Ekadashi, worship Ganeshji on this day. Know what auspicious things can be done on Amalaki Ekadashi…

You can also plant a gooseberry in a temple on Amalaki Ekadashi. Worship Amla. Goddess Durga should also be worshiped on this day. Dun Durgayai Namah: Chant the mantra 108 times.

Wake up early in the morning on Wednesday and after bathing start the day by offering water to Lord Surya with a copper pot. While offering water, chant the chanting of ‘Om Surya Namah’. Chant the mantra at least 108 times.

Worship Lord Vishnu and Mahalakshmi in the temple of the house or on any other temple on Ekadashi. In puja, anoint the Lord with a conch-shaped shankhwari. For this, fill saffron mixed milk in the conch and anoint the Lord. In the puja, you should recite the chants of ‘Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya’ A fast should also be observed on this day. The fasting devotee should do a time of flourishing. The fasting person should offer food to a Brahmin on Dwadashi date (25 March). Make money and food grains to a needy person.

If you are not able to do big puja then offer banana to Lord Vishnu on Ekadashi. Chant the ‘Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya Mantra’ at least 108 times. After sunset on Ekadashi date, light a lamp near Tulsi and do a circumambulation. Keep in mind that basil should not be touched in the evening.


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