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Amavasya Tithi Calendar 2021; Amavasya Dates Timings In January To May September August December | इस साल रहेगी एक ही सोमवती अमावस्या, साल की पहली अमावस्या 13 जनवरी को

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  • Shraddha Paksha’s most beloved Amavasya on 6 October and Kartik Amavasya on Diwali on 4 November

There are a total of 12 Amavasya in a year in the Hindu calendar i.e. Panchang. It is called a festival in religious texts. On this day there is a tradition of doing charity after the pilgrimage and then doing special worship of the ancestors. When dates vary. Then this festival sometimes lasts for two days as well. Therefore, when there is Amavasya in the afternoon, shraddha-tarpan is performed for the fathers. At the same time, when it is at sunrise, bath and donation is done. This time Somvati Amavasya festival is coming only once a year. This day will be on 12 April. The pilgrimage bath and charity done on this festival gives the renewable fruit. This yoga is formed when there is a new moon on Monday.

Pt. Mishra says that Amavasya falling in a mild war is auspicious. At the same time, it gives ominous results with cruel blows. It is told in astrological texts that if there is Amavasya on Monday, Mars, Venus and Thursday, then it gets its auspicious results. At the same time, Amavasya gives inauspicious results on Mercury, Saturn and Sunday.

Amavasya and the relation of fathers
The most special of the Sun’s thousands of rays is its name Ama. The sun illuminates the earth with the brilliance of that ama ray. When the moon has to dwell in that ama ray, that is the moon is due to the moon. Then the ancestors from the upper part of the moon come to Earth through that ray. That is why the Amavasya Tithi of Shraddhapaksha is important.

Amavasya festival: what to do and what not to do
Pt. Mishra explains that on Amavasya it is a tradition to wake up early in the morning and bathe in the shrine. If this is not possible, then you can take a bath by mixing Ganga water at home. After this, take a pledge and worship God and donate food items and clothes to the needy people.
The lord of Amavasya Tithi is Pitradev and this day is dedicated to the fathers. Therefore, this festival is also called the day of the ancestors. Shraddha-tarpan should also be performed on this day for the satisfaction of the fathers. On Amavasya, it reaches the fathers directly by providing food to the needy people. If this is done, then it gets rid of Pitra dosha.
On this festival, feed and donate food to any needy or destitute people. By doing this, you get relief from Pitradosh. Amavasya is considered auspicious. On this day, do not consume meat and liquor at all. Doing this causes Pitrodosh.

Amavasya dates for 2021
English date and month Amavasya of hindi month
January 13, Wednesday Paush Amavasya
11 February, Thursday Magh Mauni Amavasya
March 13, Saturday Phalguni Amavasya
12 April, Monday Chaitra Somvati Amavasya
May 11, Tuesday Vaishakh Amavasya
10 June Thursday Eldest moon
10 July Saturday Saturnachari amavasya
8 August, Sunday Shravan Amavasya
07 September, Tuesday Bhadrapada Amavasya
06 October, Wednesday Shraddha Paksha, all-round Amavasya
04 November, Thursday Karthik amavasya, diwali
04 December, Saturday Margashirsha Amavasya