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Paush Amavasya 2021 is very special …

Paush month is considered sacred and virtuous in religious texts. In this month, charity has its own importance. According to the Vedic calendar, the last date of Krishna Paksha in Paush month is called Pausha Amavasya, and it has great significance according to religious belief, or rather the new moon of Pausha month has its own place. Because many religious works are done on Amavasya.

On this day, tarpan and shradh are performed for the peace of the ancestors. On this day, fasting is observed to get rid of Pitru Dosh and Kalsarp Dosh. The worship of Suryadev in Paush month has special significance. This Amavasya of Pausha month is starting from Tuesday 12 January in 2021 and Paush Amavasya will remain in effect till the afternoon of 13 January.

The first Amavasya of the year 2021 is Pausha Amavasya which has been present in a very auspicious coincidence. This day being Tuesday, it will also be called Bhumavati Amavasya. In such a situation, it is also believed to remove the adverse effects of Pitra Dosh and Mars.

In the scriptures, there is a law to perform ancestral peace on the day of Pausha Amavasya. This Amavasya of the month of Pausha has become even more fruitful after the arrival of Bhumavati Amavasya.

In the coincidence of Bhaumavati, after worshiping the sun god of the month of Pausha after worshiping the sun god, offering them water with sesame in Anjuli, the ancestors are happy and happy wherever the people are in which many problems are going on in life. Comes to an end. The sum of child happiness is also stronger. Worshiping Hanumanji and Mangaldev on this day will also be auspicious due to Bhowmavati Amavasya.

The first Amavasya of the year 2021 is on Tuesday, January 12. This is Pausha Amavasya, Pausha month ends on this day. Amavasya Tithi will begin on January 12, Tuesday at 12:22 pm and will end on January 13, Wednesday at 10:29 am.

Paush Amavasya Time Muhurta:
Amavasya Begin: January 12, 2021 from 12:22:29
New moon ends: January 13, 2021 until 10:29:38
Paush Amavasya Pitru Puja Time January 12, 12:37 in the day after
Paush Amavasya Bathing charity time January 13, 10 am to 29 minutes

In Hinduism texts, Paush month has been declared very virtuous. This month is best for religious and spiritual meditation. On fasting for the peace of the ancestors on Pausha Amavasya, not only the ancestors but also the ghosts including Brahma, Indra, Surya, Agni, Vayu, Rishi, animals and birds are satisfied. The rainfall in the coming year can be estimated based on the weather change occurring in Paush month.

Do these measures on Pausha Amavasya:

: Recite Hanuman Chalisa or Sundarkand.
: In the afternoon worship ancestors with sesame water in the name of fathers.
: Worship people and do seven rounds.
: Donate food and money to the needy.
: Feed sweet-colored bread to a red cow.

Pausha Amavasya fast and religious deeds …
The month of Paush is considered best for religious and spiritual thinking. These are the fasts and religious deeds performed on the new moon of Pausha month.

1. It is of special importance to offer ancestors on Pausha Amavasya. Therefore, take a bath in holy river, reservoir or tank etc. on this day and after offering arghya to the sun god, offer the ancestors.
2. Arghya should be offered to the Sun god by putting pure water, red sandalwood and red colored flowers in a copper vessel.
3. Fast for the peace of the souls of the ancestors and give alms-donation to a poor person.
4. People who have Pitra Dosha and progeny inferior Yoga in their horoscope. They must fast the ancestors of Pausha Amavasya and offer the ancestors.
5. On the day of Amavasya one should worship peepal tree and revolve around the basil plant.
6. It is believed that fasting of Pausha Amavasya gives peace to fathers and fulfills all the wishes of man.