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Amla Navami Date 2020 Kab Hai; Why Celebrated Amla Navami, Importance Significance, And Facts | आंवला नवमी 23 नवंबर को, इस दिन की गई पूजा और दान का फल कभी खत्म नहीं होता

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2 month ago

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  • According to the Puranas, eating amla on this day and worshiping this tree increases prosperity and health.

Amla Navami fast is observed 8 days after Diwali i.e. on the Navami date of Shuklapaksha of Kartik month. It is also called Akshay Navami. It is believed that Amla Navami is a self-proven Muhurta. On this day, donations, chanting and austerities all come together, meaning that they never fade. According to Bhavishya, Skanda, Padma and Vishnu Purana, Lord Vishnu and Amla tree are worshiped on this day. The fast is kept throughout the day. After worship, food is eaten sitting in the shade of this tree. It is believed that by doing this, all kinds of sins and diseases are removed.

This is why Amla Navami is celebratedAccording to Pandit Mishra, who knows about religious texts, it has been told in the Padma Purana that Lord Shiva has told Kartikeya that the Amla tree is the form of Sakshat Vishnu. It is loved by Vishnu and it is only by its remembrance that one gets the fruits equal to Godan. The Damodar form of Srihari Vishnu is worshiped under the Amla tree. Akshaya Navami is worshiped for the attainment of child and happiness, prosperity and for many births, there is no loss of virtue. On this day, people prepare food and take food under the Amla tree along with the family. After this, the Brahmins donate money, grain and other things.


  • On this day, Maharishi Chyavan consumed amla. Due to which he was given puberty again. That’s why Amla should be eaten on this day.
  • Revolving the gooseberry tree on the Navami of Kartik Shukla Paksha gets rid of diseases and sins.
  • On this day Lord Vishnu resides in Amla. Therefore worshiping this tree increases prosperity and does not bring impoverishment.
  • On the Akshaya Navami, Mother Lakshmi worshiped Lord Vishnu and Shiva in the form of Amla in the earth and took food under this tree.
  • It is also believed that on this day, Lord Krishna revolved around three forests before Kamsa slaughter. Due to this, lakhs of devotees also revolve around Mathura-Vrindavan on Akshay Navami.