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Christmas Tree History 2020: Importance, Significance, Historical Facts and Real Story of Christmas | मोमबत्तियों से लेकर गिफ्ट तक हर चीज का है अपना अलग महत्व

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6 days ago

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  • Assumption: The sound of bells fills the mind with positive energy, this creates excitement and excitement.

Home and office are decorated on the occasion of Christmas. Christmas tree. This tree is decorated with bells, chocolates, lights and balloons. Also on this day candles are placed in the church. Mass prayers are offered at night. There is also a tradition of distributing cakes and gifts. Without all this, this festival is incomplete. The beliefs associated with these Christmas traditions show that this festival gives the message of peace, love and unity.

Christmas related traditions and beliefs

1. Candles bring happiness
Tradition: People wish to light life in life by lighting candles in front of Christ on Christmas.
MYTH: Burning candles of different colors in front of Jesus brings happiness and success in life.

2. Positive energy from bells
Tradition: The house is decorated with bells and joy is celebrated by playing bells with joy at the time of his appearance on the birthday of Christ.
Assumption: Decorating the house with bells removes negative energy. The sound of bells creates excitement, which fills the mind with positive energy.

3. Remove Stress from Cake
Tradition: Cakes are eaten and distributed to people to share joy on the birthday of Jesus Christ.
Assumption: Eating cake as a dessert eliminates stress and depression and brings happiness.

4. The type of donation is a gift
Tradition: On Christmas, gifts are given to the people and clothes, sweets and food items are distributed to the needy people.
MYTH: A gift is a kind of donation. Which brings happiness. Giving gifts to needy people removes all problems.

5. Message of living together
Tradition: At midnight on Christmas, congregational prayers are held in front of the Christian.
Assumption: Prayer makes one feel closer to God. Collective prayer gives the message of living together. It is more effective when done collectively.

Traditions and beliefs related to Christmas tree
At Christmas, the home-office is decorated with a Christmas tree. The reason behind doing this is that one feels happy by seeing and being around the natural Christmas tree. This tree gives a feeling of being near nature.
2. Candles are placed around the Christmas tree because the burning of the candle in the house is considered to bring positive energy. If an aromatic candle is placed on the Christmas tree, it is believed that negative energy goes out of the house and the family members get the benefit.
3. The Christmas tree is decorated with ribbons, gifts and lights. On the other hand, some people even hang a bell on the tree. The sound of a bell is believed to be effective in removing negativity. This voice brings happiness.