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deepawali 2020, deepawali dates, tradition about laxmi puja, laxmi puja on diwali, yamraj puja on diwali | दीपावली पर लक्ष्मी के साथ ही यमराज और पितर देवताओं की पूजा करने की है परंपरा

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  • Light a lamp in the south direction on the evening of Dhanteras, worship Yamraj on Roop Chaudas

The five-day Deep festival begins on Thursday, November 12. Goddess Lakshmi is usually worshiped in this festival. But, there is also a tradition of worshiping Yamraj in these days. According to Pt. Manish Sharma, Jyotishacharya of Ujjain, on the new moon day of Kartik month, in addition to Lakshmiji, one should perform auspicious deeds for Yamraj and Pitra Devta.

The lord of Amavasya Tithi is believed to be Yamraj and this day has special significance for the incense-meditation of the ancestors of the house. Dhanteras means that on Thursday evening, towards the south, lamps should be lit while meditating on Yamraj. By doing this, the unknown fear is removed. Dakshina Diksha is considered as Yamraj.

Worshiping Yamraj on Roop Chaudas can get freedom from the fruits of sinful deeds done inadvertently. On this day worship Yama and resolve that you will stay away from unrighteous deeds. This time Roop is on Friday.

On Diwali i.e. Saturday, worshiping the fathers and Yamraj is done to pray for peace and happiness for the fathers of the family.

According to Pt Sharma, on the new moon day of Kartik Krishna Paksha, Sun and Moon live in Libra. The Sun is bent in the southern hemisphere due to being low in Libra. Yamraj is the lord of the south direction. Therefore Yama Puja has special significance on all Amavasya. The ancestors should be worshiped facing south.

Pt. Sharma said that Lakshmi had appeared on this date at the time of churning of the sea in ancient times. Therefore, Lakshmi is worshiped on this day. Shri Ram returned to Ayodhya on this day after conquering Ravana, so Deepawali is celebrated. Many such stories are famous in relation to this festival.

Govardhan Parvat is worshiped during Deepawali. The worship of Govardhan Parvat was started by Lord Krishna from the second day of Deepawali in Dwapar Yuga.

On the last day of Deepawali festival, Yamraj came to meet his sister Yamuna. For this reason, this day is celebrated in Bhai Dooj’s room. On this day also, worship Yamraj.

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