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Diwali Dhanteras Puja Date Timings 2020 Updated; Yam Deep Daan-Why is Yamadipadan Performed – History, Importance and Significance | धनतेरस 12 को, इस दिन यमराज को दीपदान करने से खत्म होता है अकाल मृत्यु का डर

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  • Diwali Dhanteras Puja Date Timings 2020 Updated; Yam Deep Daan Why Is Yamadipadan Performed History, Importance And Significance

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2 month ago

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  • Skanda Purana says that donating lamps for Yamraj on Dhanteras removes problems

Dhanteras festival is on 12 November this time. It is a tradition to purchase on this day. It is believed that the goods purchased on this day do not decay. Yama-Deepdaan must be done on this festival in addition to the purchase. According to Skanda Purana, by doing this day, the fear of premature death ends. Throughout the year, Yamraj, the god of death, is worshiped by giving a lamp to Dhanteras and Roop Chaturdashi. On this day, a lamp is placed in the south direction of the house for Yamraj in the evening. It is believed that by doing this, Yamraj is pleased with those living in that house and there is no fear of premature death among the family members.

Importance of Dhanteras told in the texts
1. Kartikasyasethe Pakay Trayodashyam Nishamukhe.
यमदीपं बहिर्दद्यादपमृत्युर्विनिश्यति ।।
meaning – Keeping the lamp for the purpose of Yamdev outside the house in the evening on the Trayodashi of Krishnapaksha of the month of Kartik, eliminates extinction.

2. Kartikasyasite pakshe triodashyan tu pavke.
यमदीपं बहिर्दद्यादपमृत्युर्विनश्यति ।।
meaning – The Trayodashi of Krishnapaksha of Kartik should be given a lamp outside the house for Yamraj, which causes destruction of death.