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diwali ke 5 dino tak kis din kitne diye jalaye

The number of lamps changes every day…

Deepawali is one of the major festivals of Hindus. These days it is also called the festival of Deepotsav due to lighting of lamps. But, have you ever noticed that these days there is a constant change in the number of lamps. While most people are aware of the change in the number of lamps, the reason for this is not known to many people.

In this regard, pundits and experts say that every state has different beliefs in this regard, some one burns an odd number of lamps, but the most important thing is that in which place the lamp should be lit for whom Used to be.

How many lamps should be lit on short Diwali?
Yamraj, which is donated on Dhan Teres, or say that they are worshiped by lighting lamps around the house for their sake. On the evening of Dhanteras, 13 lamps are lit at the main gate and 13 inside the house. But the lamp named Yama is lit at bedtime after all the family members come home and eat and drink.

Old lamps are used to light this lamp, in which mustard oil is poured. This lamp is kept out of the house facing south and near the drain or heap of garbage. Narak Chaturdashi comes after Dhanteras. This day is also called Chhoti Diwali. Many people light 14 lamps on this day.

Rules of diwali: diwali ke din kitne diye jalaye

There is a predominance of lighting five diyas in the house on a short Diwali. One of these should be lit in the place of worship of Diya Ghar, second in the kitchen, third in the place where we keep drinking water, fourth Diya should be kept under Peepal or Vat tree. At the same time, the fifth lamp should be lit at the main entrance of the house. The lamp to be lit at the main entrance of the house should be four-faced and four long lights should be lit in it.

Apart from this, if you want to burn more lamps, you can burn 7, 13, 14 or 17 lamps. Many people light 14 lamps on a short Diwali day. The following information is based on assumptions and legends. Tradition has seen that every state has different beliefs, some people burn an odd number of lamps in a given number of times, but more important than that at which place the lamp is being lit for whom.

The third day is called ‘Deepawali’. This is the main festival. The festival of Deepawali is especially the festival of worshiping Goddess Lakshmi. Mother Lakshmi was revealed on the new moon day of Kartik month, which is considered to be the goddess of wealth, splendor, opulence and happiness. Hence, lamps are lit on this day to welcome Goddess Lakshmi, so that the atmosphere is lit by the lamps in the darkness of Amavasya night.

Where do you keep the lamp lit on the night of Deepawali, know
On this day, worship of Lakshmi Mata, the goddess of wealth, should be done properly and every place of the house should be cleaned and put a lamp there, which destroys Lakshmi’s abode and poverty in the house. On this day, worshiping Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha and matter, jewelery, etc., should light one of the four things by placing 1 oil lamp between 13 or 26 lamps and worshiping Deepamalika, keep those lamps at every place in the house and 4 things If the lamp keeps burning overnight, try this.

1. The first lamp is a lamp of yama which is old in sleeping at night and in which mustard oil is put and placed outside the house near the garbage heap facing south.

2. The second lamp is kept in a secluded shrine which is given with ghee. Burning it relieves debt.

3. The third lamp lit in front of Goddess Lakshmi.

4. Chaudha Diya Mata lit in front of Tulsi.

5. The fifth lamp burns outside the door of the house.

6. The sixth lamp burns under the peepal tree.

7. Burn the seventh lamp in a temple.

8. The eighth lamp burns garbage in the place of garbage in the house.

9. The ninth lamp burns in the bathroom of the house.

10: The tenth lamp burns on the roof of the house.

11. Eleventh lamp burns on the roof of the house.

11. Twelfth lamp lit near the window of the house.

13. Thirteenth lamp- lit on the stairs of the house or in the verandah.

14. The fourteenth lamp is kept in the kitchen or where the water is kept.

15. If you have a cow etc., then keep the fifteenth lamp in the cowshed.

: After lighting the lamp at all these places, light the lamp by lighting the lamp as you wish.