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Dudh shaniwar ko pipal par chadhane ke fayde

Rahu, Ketu as well as Saturn and Pitra Dosh Prevention…

Shanidev is considered the God of justice, who acts on the basis of karma under the law of punishment. According to the belief, the golden crown on their head, the garland around the neck and the blue cloth on the body and the body are also similar to Indranilamani. They live on the vulture.

They have bow, arrow and trident in their hands. Leave the gods and goddesses of Saturn, Shiva also had to wander from jungle to jungle as an ox. Ravana had to become helpless and go to the shelter of death. Shani is considered to be the son of the Sun. His sister’s name is Goddess Yamuna.

At the same time according to astrology, it happens many times that changing the movements of the planets makes life miserable, but some remedies are necessary to make the planet’s malefic state auspicious. In such a situation, some people who have reverence in God, worship every day, while some people worship on a special day.

So sometimes due to lack of time, people worship the planet on the day of the planet which is not well. One such day is Saturday, which is considered to be the day of Shani Dev, it is believed that offering raw milk under the Peepal tree on this day gives great benefits, let’s know what its special significance is …

There is a recognition of offering raw milk under the Peepal tree on Saturday. Many times you have seen people offering water on peepal tree on Saturday. According to experts, every Saturday, by offering water, raw milk on the Peepal tree, seven revolutions, Surya, Shankar and Peepal should worship the three.

Also, apply the ascended water to the eyes and chant “Pitru Devay Namah” four times, it is believed that by doing this, Rahu, Ketu as well as Saturn and Pitra dosha are eliminated. Apart from this, pay homage to parents, gurus and elders as soon as they wake up in the morning and make their day successful by receiving their spiritual blessings. Simultaneously start the day by applying 5 fragrant incense sticks.

Do this too …
Apart from this, after offering jaggery and roti to the cow every day, worship the cow and pray in the mind that ‘this day Kamdhenu will do the desired work’. Apart from feeding bread to dogs every day, giving grains to birds is also considered auspicious.

At the same time, guests who come home should be served with sincerity because the guest has been considered as God. After bathing, Lord Suryanarayan should offer a red flower and greet him again and again with folded hands. Something should be donated to the poor.

Actually, it is considered necessary to take some measures and precautions to get the grace of God and to reduce the bad effects of Shani.

: Saturday is dedicated to Lord Shani Dev. On Saturday, Lord Shani and Hanuman should be worshiped. On Saturday, Shanidev is happy to donate items made of iron, but keep in mind that do not buy anything made of iron on Saturday on the market. In the scriptures, buying iron on Saturday is prohibited.

: Black sesame is considered very auspicious in the worship of Shani Dev. But on Saturday, black sesame seeds should not be bought at home.

: Even on Saturday, do not forget to bring oil at home. Rather, on this day, Lord Shani Dev should offer oil and receive his blessings.

: Buying a broom on Saturday and bringing it home is also not considered auspicious. It is believed that buying a broom on Saturday causes financial loss to the native.
According to the scriptures, while worshiping Shani Dev, one should never look into his eyes with his eyes, but should offer oil while looking at the feet. Apart from this, the poor should never be persecuted.