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Falgun Purnima is the last day of the Hindu calendar, donations made on this day get Akshaya Punya | हिंदू कैलेंडर का आखिरी दिन होता है फाल्गुन पूर्णिमा, इस दिन किए गए दान से मिलता है अक्षय पुण्य

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  • On this day, fathers get satisfaction by performing Shraadh, the father is also happy by mixing milk in water and offering it to the Peepal tree.

The full moon of Phalgun month is considered to be a very special day. According to the traditions and beliefs, fasting on the full moon of the month of Phalgun gives manifold merits and all kinds of sufferings go away. Hence, a fast is observed on this day from sunrise till the moon rises in the evening. Keeping this day fast, there is a tradition of doing special worship of Lord Vishnu and doing the story of Satyanarayana fast. On this date, Holika Dahan is also done in Pradosh Kaal in the evening.

The last day of the Hindu calendar is the last month of the Falgun Hindu calendar. The last day of this month is the full moon day. This is why it is special. According to Vishnu, Matsya, Brahma and Narada Purana it is also called Manwadi Tithi. That is, the donation given on this day is considered very special. A donation made on this day gives auspicious results. Therefore, on this day, there is a tradition of donating food, water, gold or clothes according to the pilgrimage bath and reverence.

Pitru puja has special significance on this day, due to Phalgun Purnima Manwadi Tithi, the day of shraddha of ancestors. In Matsya, Narada and Vishnudharmottara Purana, it is said that by giving Shraddha and Brahmin food on this day, the ancestors are satisfied. Tarpan and Pinddaan are also performed on this day in many places. Worshiping ancestors on this day reduces Pitra dosha.

Traditions of Falgun Purnima It is a tradition to wake up before sunrise on Falgun Purnima and bathe in a pilgrimage. It is said in the Puranas that by doing this, all kinds of sins are eliminated. After bathing, according to the Shraddha, donations, fasts and the resolution of the worship of Lord Vishnu are taken. Then after worshiping Lord Vishnu at home, the temple is visited. During the day, Satyanarayana recites the story. On Falgun Purnima, needy people should donate food, water and clothes as well as essential things.

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