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Friday horoscope, 26 february ka rashifal, daily rashifal, shukrawar ka rashifal, kundli rashifal for friday in hindi | शुक्रवार को बन रहे हैं दो अशुभ योग, सभी राशियों के लिए कैसा रहेगा 26 फरवरी का दिन

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Friday, 26 February is the Chaturdashi date of the Shukla Paksha of Magh month. On this day Ashlesha will remain till 12 noon and after this Magha Nakshatra. Due to these nakshatras on Friday, there will be two auspicious yogas named death and kana. Special vigilance should be maintained while working in these yogas. After 12 o’clock in the afternoon Chandra will enter Leo from Cancer. On Friday, offer milk with a silver lotus on the Shivling and chant the Mantra Sadashiye Namah: Mantra. Donate milk to needy children.

Know from Astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi how it can be for all 12 zodiac signs on Friday, February 26


PositiveToday, your talent and personality will be exposed to the people and you will perform your tasks in the best way. Your opponents will not be able to stand before you. Honor will remain in society also.

Negative– Keep in mind your budget. Because, now the sources of income are not very strong. Any work related to the house can be wasteful. At this time it is very important to have a positive attitude.

The business– Work in partnership business will continue as usual. There is not much improvement in the works at this time. Keep your focus exclusively in marketing and media related work.

Love– Husband-wife relationship will be normal. There may be some mutual debate regarding any problem of children.

Health– Health will be fine. There may be some stomach related problem. A little caution will keep you healthy.

Lucky color– Red

Lucky number– 3


PositiveIf there is a plan for relocation, then it is the right time to work on it. Financial situation will be better. The advice of a close friend will give you relief from many problems.

Negative– Stay away from any kind of illegal actions. An abusive situation may arise. Experience and guidance of senior family members will be beneficial for you.

The business– Seriously consider policies related to the change in business practices. Time is creating a great situation for you. Expanding the scope of public relations will only progress in your field. Do not share any secret with your colleagues in the office.

Love– Do not let business troubles dominate your family life. Young friendships can turn into love affairs.

Health– Do not let negative things dominate you. This can have side effects on your health.

Lucky color– Green

Lucky number– 5


Positive– Your content list will remain in religious and spiritual activities. You will also get mental and spiritual peace. Your dedication to your work will also pave some new paths for you.

Negative– Keep your important items well saved. A situation is being created like losing or forgetting them. Instead of believing in others, believe in your ability.

Business New contracts will be available in the business. So take advantage of time and work hard. Keep in mind that you may have some confidential information exposed. Any official travel related orders can be found in the job.

Love– Emotional relationship between husband and wife will be sweet. There will also be opportunities to go on dating with a partner.

Health– To be mentally and physically healthy, do exercise and spend some time near nature.

Lucky color– Sky

Lucky number– 2


Positive– Your concentration towards your work and cooperation of some specific people will create beneficial situations for you. Today the planet transit is in your favor. But, the best use of time depends on your efficiency.

Negative– In an important conversation or meeting, such a thing can come out of your mouth, for which you will regret later. It is better to keep such important work postponed today.

The business– Before taking any decision in the field, please re-discuss it, it will give you the best results. Give more importance to finance related work. Government serving people are more aware of their work, there is a possibility of inquiry etc.

Love– Spend some time with family in entertainment related activities and their association. This will bring happiness and comfort to everyone.

Health– Fatigue will dominate. To strengthen your immune system, take ayurvedic things.

Lucky color– Saffron

Lucky number– 6


Positive– By learning from some previous bitter experiences, you will make some changes in your lifestyle, which will prove to be excellent. Today there will be relief from the troubles going on in life. With the arrival of guests in the house, the atmosphere of the house will remain pleasant.

Negative– Do not take any decision in haste. Keep in mind that an unknown person will try to make close with you, do not get misled by anyone. It will be better if you work on the policies you have made.

The business– Get every activity in the business sector under your supervision. Keep in mind that your work may be disturbed by someone’s interference. Employment professionals can be successful today in achieving any of their goals.

Love– Family atmosphere will be pleasant and pleasant. Love relationships will also be stronger.

HealthSometimes, excessive work load can lead to nervousness and restlessness. Meditation and meditation are the appropriate treatment.

Lucky color– rose

Lucky number– 1


Positive– There will be a lot of happiness from the creation of something or the sudden discovery of something dear to you. Positive attitude towards life will build confidence and self-strength more. And, work will also be on mind.

Negative– But, taking too much workload on yourself can also cause trouble for you. And, not all tasks will be completed on time. It is better to give priority to your important work in the beginning of the day.

The business– Do not mention your functioning in front of anyone in the workplace, otherwise other people can cheat you with a sense of selfishness. However, there will be proper support of the staff and staff to complete the work on time.

Love– The husband and wife will maintain the arrangement of the house by mutual harmony. In love relationships it is necessary to respect each other’s feelings.

Health– Physically, you will be healthy and healthy. Your positive attitude will keep you mentally healthy as well.

Lucky color– Blue

Lucky number– 4


Positive– Through your positive and balanced thinking, you will continue to execute all your tasks in a planned way. An unexpected profit situation is being created later in the afternoon. Therefore, make the best use of time.

Negative– Debate situations may arise when doing money related transactions with a friend or outsider. But, with a little care everything will also be organized. At this time, along with income, expenses will also remain.

The business– New achievements are being made for people related to business related to media, marketing etc. People associated with shares and stock markets should be careful today, but if activities are postponed for some time, it would be better.

Love– There may be conflict between husband and wife over some small thing. Don’t lose your temper It is important to understand each other’s sensitivity in love relationships.

Health– There will be normal fever due to cough, cold. Therefore, there is a need to take a lot of rest.

Lucky color– Saffron

Lucky number– 9


Positive– Today there will be excellent time spent with family members in tasks like shopping. Your efforts will also be successful in maintaining good family system. A marriage related relationship can occur for any unmarried member in the household.

Negative– There is a situation of any kind of conflict or conflict with neighbors. It would be better not to interfere in the works of others, keep working with your work. There will also be busy in work related to children.

The business– Today due to personal tasks we will not be able to pay much attention to their business. But don’t worry. Nevertheless, the work will continue to run smoothly. There may be a mistake while doing paper work in the office, which will increase your difficulties.

Love– Family members’ sense of cooperation towards each other will strengthen the relationship. Working together will increase love among each other.

Health– Time is not favorable in terms of health. There is also a situation of getting some injuries.

Lucky color– Green

Lucky number– 8


Positive– If there is a plan for the purchase of a new item or a new vehicle, then immediately execute it today. Any achievement of children will create a happy atmosphere in the house. A program can also be made to go to any religious festival.

Negative– Suddenly any unnecessary expenses may come up. So, while doing all the work, make a budget. Sometimes you will get very uncomfortable due to lack of custom. Do not let your self-confidence and self-confidence diminish.

The business– There is a possibility of getting any desired contract in business today. So stay fully focused on your work. You will also get rich results according to your hard work. Any bonus or promotion can be found in the job.

Love– Despite busyness, spend some time with family. This will improve mutual relations. And, the feeling of love towards each other will also increase.

HealthSometimes due to more hard work and stress, blood pressure and diabetes problems can increase. It is important to spend some time in taking care of your health.

Lucky color– White

Lucky number– 6


Positive– Today you will get many opportunities to improve your financial condition. So do not ignore any phone call etc. Paying special attention to marketing related activities will prove beneficial.

Negative– At this time, some future plans may hang in the balance. It is important to trust your ability instead of expecting others. A friend and relative can take advantage of your feelings wrongly.

The business– Make your contact sources stronger and focus more on outdoor activities. Any project of job professionals can be canceled, due to which they will have to work hard again. Be patient.

Love– Advice and support of life partner will be beneficial for you in making any kind of decision. Emotional closeness will increase more in love affair.

Health– Health will be somewhat soft. Weakness and morale will be felt.

Lucky color– Orange

Lucky number– 3


Positive– There is a reasonable possibility of any important work being stopped today. Do your tasks with full hard work and dedication, you will definitely get positive results. You will also have a special place in social activities.

Negative– Only some of your close friends or relatives can spread some rumors against you. So be careful. Students and youth should not let their target be lost from the eyes. Take special care of your luggage while traveling.

The business– Boss and high officials in the job can give promotion by being satisfied with your work. Do not take any decision regarding business or work in haste. Guidance from an experienced person will be best for you.

Love– There will be an atmosphere of peace and peace in the house. Vain love affairs can dissolve poison in your family life.

Health– There will be tension over a small problem. Due to which the problem of headache and migraine can increase.

Lucky color– Purple

Lucky number– 4


Positive– Misunderstanding towards a friend or relative will be removed. Circumstances are slowly getting in your favor. Work hard to achieve the goal. Despite the busy time, you will also give proper time to your home family.

Negative– Keep in mind that you can spoil the work you create by getting into anger and anger. Financial difficulties and troubles will come in your work. Do not interfere in the matter of others without reason, otherwise you may be criticized and condemned.

The business– Today there is a need to be vigilant at the business site. Non-cooperation of a colleague can put you in trouble. However, you will get a fair reward for your hard work and hard work. Government serving persons will be under some stress from getting any significant authority.

Love– There will be sweetness in married relationships. Full support of life partner in your difficult time will keep your morale up.

Health– Any negligence while driving can be harmful and do not violate traffic rules.

Lucky color– Badami

Lucky number– 3

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