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From the psychological and spiritual point of view, the Teej festival in the last days of Phalgun month is special. | मनोवैज्ञानिक और आध्यात्मिक नजरिये से भी खास है फाल्गुन महीने के आखिरी दिनों में आने वाले तीज-त्योहार

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  • From The Psychological And Spiritual Point Of View, The Teej Festival In The Last Days Of Phalgun Month Is Special.

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  • Falgun’s colorful festival Ekadashi is a festival of love, while Holi is a festival of joy and joy

Holashtak i.e. the Teej festival coming in the eight days before Holi is religiously special as well as important from a psychological and spiritual point of view. In this way, the last week of Falgun month teaches us to always think positively no matter what the circumstances are. This week’s fast, the same sentiment is hidden in festivals. Teej-festivals coming on this day are full of positive energies and happiness.

Interesting facts related to the Teej-festivals coming in the last days of the month of Phalgun

  1. It is believed that on this day, the importance of Shukla Paksha Ekadashi is related to Lord Shiva. Scholars say that on this date Goddess Parvati was married and Lord Shiva brought the goddess to Kashi. Also, the Amla tree originated from Lord Vishnu on this day. Therefore, on this day, there is a tradition of worshiping Hari-Har i.e. Lord Vishnu and Shiva.
  2. This Ekadashi is also called Rangbhari Gyaras. Fag festival is also celebrated on this day. It is from this Ekadashi that Holi begins in the temples of Lord Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Since then, Holi is played with different flowers and Abir Gulal every day.
  3. On the day of Rangabhari Ekadashi, the ride of Lord Shiva is taken out in Kashi. On this day, Holi is played to Lord Shiva with the ashes of the dead. Also all Shiva devotees also play Holi with devotion.
  4. Holi festival, celebrated on the last day of Phalgun month, has immense religious, social, spiritual significance. It is a festival of joy, love, goodwill. It is an opportunity to color each other at the level of emotions.
  5. The Holika festival in Lingpurana is known as Phalgunika. Which is said to be full of happiness and prosperity from the children’s sports.
  6. Similarly, in the Varahapuran, this festival has been described as Patvas Vilasini i.e. powdered sports and public welfare.

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