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Gangaur vrat Katha: यह व्रत देता है स्त्रियों को अटल सौभाग्य, जानें इसके पीछे की कथा

The festival of Gangaur Puja is celebrated on Tritiya Tithi of Chaitra Shukla Paksha. The women observe the Gangaur fast of Maa Gauri. This fast is mainly celebrated in the festival of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. In such a situation, this time the festival of Gangaur Puja will be celebrated on Thursday, 15 April 2021.

auspicious time :
Chaitra Shukla Paksha Tritiya Tithi will begin on – 14 April 2021 from 12 noon to 47 minutes
Chaitra Shukla Paksha Tritiya Tithi ends – 15 April 2021 till 03 27

Gauri Puja commences – 29 March 2021 days from Monday
Gauri Puja ends – Thursday 15 April 2021

Gangaur Puja 2021 Pujan auspicious time-
15 April 2021 days Thursday morning 05 to 17 06 52 minutes
Total duration of worship – 35 minutes

This is how Gangaur fast should be …
Actually, on the second day of Holi i.e. Chaitra Krishna Pratipada, Kumari and married i.e. newly married women worship Gangaur every day. After this, on the day of Chaitra Shukla Dwitiya (Sinjare), she visits a river, pond or lake and feeds her worshiped Gangaurs. Then the second day immerses them in the evening.

Gangaur fast is a festival of Indian Hindu women. On this day, Sadhwa women fast. This fast is considered to be the cause of husband’s affection for married girls and the best husband for the kumaris. This makes the honeymoon of the Suhagins unbroken. This is the reason that in Hindu women society this day is celebrated as a festival.

This festival of Gauri Pujan is celebrated with pomp with a lot of name discrimination in almost all the provinces of India. It is a very special festival in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. It is believed that on this day Lord Shankar gave a blessing to Parvati ji and Parvati ji to the entire women’s society.

On this day, women wear beautiful clothes and jewelery. On this day, the Suhaagins keep fasting till noon and establish Renuka Gauri before fasting.

For this, a square altar is made of turmeric, sandalwood, camphor, saffron, etc. by making a square altar of twenty-four angul wide and 24 fingers long in a holy place in any room of the house. Then it is made from sand by making Gauri i.e. Mata Parvati (by installing). On this establishment, items of honey are made like glass bangles, sindoor, roli, mehndi, tika, bindi, comb, glass, kajal, mahwar etc.

Gauri is worshiped methodically with sandalwood, Akshat, Dhoop, Deep, Naivedya etc. This material of Suhag is offered. Then after offering Bhoga, the story of Gauri ji is told. After the legend, women fill their demands from the vermilion mounted on Gauri ji.

Gauri ji is worshiped in the afternoon. After this, fasting is done by eating food once a day. The offerings of Gangaur are prohibited to men.

Flakes of maida are specially made at Gangaur. After the marriage of the girl, the girl celebrates Gangaur for the first time in her maternal house and takes out an earnest of these guns and mother-in-law’s clothes and sends them to the in-laws. This happens only in the first year of marriage, later every year Gangaur girl celebrates in her in-laws’ house.

She also promotes Gangaur in the in-laws’ house and gives her mother-in-law Bayana, clothes, and all items of honey. In addition, by giving food to sixteen Suhagin women, everyone is given complete make-up items and Dakshina. During the worship of Gangaur, women also tell the story of Gauri ji.

Story of Gangaur …
Once Lord Shankar, along with Parvatiji and Narada, went out to visit the earth. After this, all three reached a village while walking. That day was Chaitra Shukla Tritiya. When the villagers heard that Lord Shankar, including Paviti ji, had come to the village, after hearing the news of their arrival, the noble women of the village started cooking delicious and delicious food for the reception. He was late in preparing food.

At the same time, as the women of ordinary clans were sitting, in the same way, running with turmeric-rice and water, they reached to worship Shiva-Parvati. Parvati ji, accepting her worship spirit, accepting her devotional things, sprinkled all the suhaag juice on her. Due to which those women returned after getting the blessings of unbroken good fortune.

After this, the noble ladies of the village, adorned with sixteen adornments and jewelery, came to worship Mata Gauri and Lord Shankar with a variety of dishes and puja items. Made of gold and silver, their plates were adorned with many light objects.

Seeing them, Shiva expressed his doubt and said to Parvatiji – ‘Devi! You have distributed all the sweet juices among the women of the ordinary family, now what will you give them? ‘

On this, Mother Parvati said – “Lord! Don’t worry about it.” I have given those women only juice made from the above substances. Therefore, their honey will be from dhoti. But the elite women will rip their finger and make a honeybee of their blood juice. The sweet juice that will be in demand will be fortunate in my mind and body like me.

After this, after Parvati worshiped the noble women, Mother Parvati ripped her finger and sprinkled it on them. The one who splashed on, found the same taste. Parvati ji said that you guys abandon the clothes and serve your husband with body, mind and wealth without any illusion. Achievement of good fortune will be achieved. After listening to this blessing of Parvati ji, aristocratic women returned to their respective homes.

After this, with the permission of Lord Shiva, Parvati ji took a bath on the river bank and started worshiping her by making a sand god. After worshiping, he made a dish of sand and offered it to Lord Shiva. After this, by performing pradakshina, applying the vaccine on the forehead from the soil of the riverbank, found the offerings of two grains of sand and returned back to Shiva.

In all this worship, Parvati ji was very late on the banks of the river. Therefore, Mahadev asked him the reason for his late arrival. On this, Parvatiji said – ‘Where my brother-in-law and other parents were found, there was a delay in talking to them.’

But God was God only. He probably wanted a different Leela composition. Therefore, he asked- ‘What did you offer to worship and what was the offering?’ Hearing this, Shiva also walked towards the river bank to eat milk and rice. In such a situation, Parvatiji got confused.

They thought that the whole thing would open up. Therefore, he meditated on Sivasji silently and prayed, ‘O Lord! If I am your exclusive maid, then you are my shame at this time. ‘

In this way, while praying, Parvatiji also started following Shankaraji. Just a short distance away, he saw a beautiful Maya palace on the banks of the river. When they reach inside the palace, they see that the family of Mata Parvati’s brothers and sisters are present. He warmly welcomed Shankar-Parvati.

He stayed there for two days and was very hospitable. On the third day, when Parvatiji asked Shankarji to walk, he was not ready. They wanted to stay still. Parvati ji walked away alone. Shankarji then was forced to walk with Parvati.

Naradji also walked along. The trio went too far while walking. Because of the evening, Lord Bhaskar was visiting Dham. Then Shivji suddenly said to Parvati – ‘I have forgotten my rosary in your home.’
On this Mata Parvatiji said – ‘Okay, I get it.’ But Shiva did not allow them to leave. For this task he sent Brahma’s son Naradji there. Narada went and saw that he could not even see the palace. There was a forest surrounded by far and wide.

Naradji was very surprised to see this dark scary atmosphere. Nadaradji started wandering there. And started wondering if he has come to some wrong place? Suddenly lightning flashed and Narada was seen garland hanging on a tree. Naradji took the rosary and came with him to Shiva in a terrible state and came to Shiva and told him the details of his misfortune.

Hearing this incident, Shiva laughed and said- ‘O Muni! Some of the scenes you saw are Parvati’s unique illusion. She wanted to keep the talk of her earthly worship secret from you, so she lied.

Then, in order to prove him to be true, he created the Maya Mahal with the power of his husband’s religion. Therefore, in order to highlight the truth, I too sent you again to that place to get the garland. ‘

On this, Parvati ji said- ‘I am worthy.’

Then Naradji bowed his head and said- ‘Mother! You are the best of your husband. You are good luck Adishakti. All this is the effect of your husband’s religion. Only by remembering your name can the women of the world attain unwavering good fortune and can make and destroy all the accomplishments. Then what great thing is this karma for you.

Hey mother Secret worship is more powerful and meaningful. As far as hiding the incident arising out of their husband’s influence is concerned. That too seems appropriate because worship should be done in secret. I am very happy to see your spirit and miraculous power.

This is my blessing- ‘Women who wish to worship the husband secretly in this way and wish for the blessings of Mahadevji will get the longevity of the husband and all his wishes will be fulfilled. Then on this day, the women who worship and worship with your devotion will get unmatched good luck. ‘