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Goddess Bhagwati appeared in the form of Jwala / Flame

Mother Bhagwati appeared in the form of Jwala i.e. Agni.

In the country and abroad, temples of Gods and Goddesses are found in many places. But there are many temples where in addition to miracles, the wish is also fulfilled immediately. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about such a Goddess temple, where there is a belief that in addition to the mythological importance, where every wish is fulfilled here and there, it is considered one of the most awakened temples on earth.

In Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand, you will find many temples whose secrets and stories have no end. Here the Siddha Peeth of Maa Jwalpa Devi is situated on the banks of the river Nayar on the Pauri-Kotdwar road. The mythological significance of this Siddha Peeth is immense.

It is said about this holy pilgrimage that worshiping Mother Bhagwati with true mind here fulfills every desire of the mind. Mother Jwalpa Bhagwati is the Kuldevi of Thapliyal and Bisht people.

Jwalpa Devi Temple Dev Bhoomi is located at a distance of 34 km from Pauri in Uttarakhand. Situated on the left bank of the Nayalika River, this temple is spread over an area of ​​350 meters. People from all over the country and the world come to see the grand view of this temple during Navratri. The story of this temple is related to a demon named Pulom.

Story related to the temple-

It is believed about Jwalpa Devi that once Suchi, the daughter of a demon named Pulom, meditated on the banks of river Nayar to get Indra as her husband. Pleased with the austerity of Suchi, Mother Bhagwati appeared in the form of flame i.e. Agni at this place.

After this, the mother gave the boon of the monster’s daughter Suchi complete her wish. The place was named Jwalpa Devi because of its appearance in Jwala form. When the Goddess Parvati appeared in the form of a radiant flame, that monolithic lamp continues to light up in the temple ever since.

In order to continue this tradition, oil has been sourced from the villages of Kafolsun, Mawalsune, Ringwadsuun, Khatsuun, Ghoradasun and Guradsuan pattas since then. Mustard is grown in the fields of these villages and oil is arranged to keep the unbroken lamp burning.

It is also said that Adiguru Shankaracharya had worshiped the mother here, then the mother appeared to him. It is said that in the 18th century, King Pradyuman Shah of Garhwal donated 11.82 acres of land to the Jwalpa temple.

The reason was that here mustard must be produced to arrange oil for the monolithic lamp. The motorway flows on one side of the temple and the Nayar river on the other side. Everyone gets mesmerized by seeing these beautiful scenes.

In this Siddhapeeth, special lessons are organized in Chaitra and Shardiya Navratras. A large number of devotees arrive from this country and abroad. Especially unmarried girls bring the wish of a worthy groom. The temple of Maa Jwalpa is considered one of the most awakened temples on earth.