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Goddess Laxmi Facts: How To Do Lakshmi Kumkumarchana At Home – Goddess laxmi facts: ऐसे लोगों के घर कभी नहीं आती लक्ष्मी, हमेशा रहती है पैसों की तंगी

Lakshmi never comes to the homes of such people, there is always a financial crisis


By: Tanvi

Published: 13 Aug 2019 01:13 PM IST

According to the scriptures, Goddess Laxmi is called the Goddess of Wealth and the life of a person on whom she showers her blessings is spent with great comfort and happiness. To get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi (laxmi kripa), we need to change a lot in our ethics and living along with hard work. Let us know some such simple measures with the help of which we can change our routine and solve problems related to money.

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Never do this work at home

1. If there is a broken mirror in the house, it spreads negativity and also brings mental tension, in such a situation Lakshmi haran.
2. There is also loss of money in the house due to bad car or any bad electronic goods.
3. The woman whose behavior is harsh and ruthless and who fights a fight in the house is deprived of Lakshmi.
4. Those who disrespect their parents and do not give them the proper place are not dear to Lakshmi.
5. Laxmi does not remain in the house of women or men who are characterless and do dirty sins and deeds.
6. There is a lack of Lakshmi in the house where there is tribulation and where there is a lack of love between each other.
7. Those who do not keep their house organized and whose house is scattered here and there, Lakshmi gets angry from that house.
8. It is necessary for your thoughts to be pure and pure for Lakshmi to live in the house.
9. The house where there is no worship and the gods are insulted does not remain Lakshmi for life.
10. People who are lazy and keep sleeping even after sunrise do not come to Lakshmi.
11. A person who indulges in intoxicants and addictions, Lakshmi is unhappy with such a house.
12. The man who insults his wife and considers her as a maid and abuses her in front of everyone, he lives in the absence of Lakshmi.
13. Laxmi does not live in such a house for a woman who speaks ill about her husband and abandons shame.
14. Lakshmi does not live in those who sleep in the evening or day and are not hardworking.
15. Lakshmi leaves those who wear dirty clothes and do not pay attention to personal hygiene.

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