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Gods special signals So that you understand that god is with you

There are some special situations when divine help comes, which gets some special gestures to identify …

The worship we perform or the work done in the name of another god like Yajna etc. shows faith in our God. According to the pundits and experts, the main reason for worshiping God etc. is believed to please him and get his grace. At the same time, despite the constant help from God, we do not recognize him due to lack of information.

There are many people whose problems are easily solved one after the other and they are unaware that divine help is behind their help.

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According to experts, there are many people in the world who get divine help in their lives. In this, where someone is more, some have less divine help. At the same time there are some through which the upper or divine powers also do good work.

In such a situation, the question arises that how can the common man recognize that the divine powers are helping him or his prayers are being effected? To understand this, we get some special gestures, but due to lack of information, we do not understand this, according to the pundits and experts, there are some special situations when there is divine help, which some special gestures can be identified. …

1. You are on a good path…
The scriptures say that the divine powers only help him, who understands the suffering of others, who keeps away from evils, who keeps away from negative thoughts, who regularly worships his God or who performs the work of virtue. Fitted to.

If you think that I am like this, then the divine forces are definitely helping you. You just need to focus a little bit on the fact that you are on a good path and you are seeing the upper powers.

2. Automatic sleep in this period …
Scholars say that if your eyes suddenly open every day in the Brahma Muhurta, that is, between 3 and 5 pm, then you should understand that the divine powers are with you, because this is the time when the gods are awake.

If you have been waking up from your childhood to the middle of this time, then understand that the divine forces want to do something through you or that they are thinking of you as a good soul and are indicating that they should get up now. This life is not for sleeping. You have a lot to do in the world.

It is also said that people with sattva qualities rise up automatically during this period. According to Ayurveda, the air flowing at this time is called Amritatulya. This is nectar veela. It is said that during this period only 13 percent of the world’s people sleep.

3. Dev place dreams
If you keep having dreams of a temple or a god place. In the dream you keep flying in the sky or in the dream you keep talking to the gods and goddesses, then you understand that the divine powers are kind to you.

4. Prior knowledge of events
If you are already aware of the events ahead or you have foreseen, then you understand that the divine forces are pleased with you.

5. Family love
Your wife, son, daughter and all your family are obeying you, they all love you and you are also loving them, then you understand that the divine powers are happy with you.

6. Profit by surprise
In life, you get sudden benefits. You do not face any kind of hindrance in any of your tasks and you get everything very easily, then you understand that the divine powers are helping you.

7. Feel the aroma in the atmosphere
If sometimes you feel that there is someone around me or you feel fragrance around you for no reason, then understand that supernatural powers are around you to help you.

8. feeling of wind gust or light beam
You are doing puja and if you feel that suddenly a pleasant breeze or light beam comes and the body starts to shudder. It has never happened before, so understand that the Goddess or God is pleased with you.

9. Feeling of cloudy or cold air around
Even while on land, you sometimes feel that there is a cloud or cloud of cool air that surrounds me, then you understand that supernatural or divine power has surrounded you. This often happens to a person doing a lot of worship.

10. Hearing melodious music or seeing a beam of light
Suddenly you see a beam of bright light that you cannot even imagine or you suddenly hear sweet music in your ears and you wonder if there is no music playing around here, yet it is like whistling in the ears If you hear, then you understand that you are in connection with the divine power. This often happens to those people who are continuously chanting the mantra of their God.

11. A sudden feeling of sound in deep sleep
You are fast asleep in the night and you think someone gave me a voice and you suddenly wake up, but then you realize that there is no one here. But the voice was clear. If this happens to you many times, then you understand that you have some kind of supernatural power.