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Good Friday And Easter Sunday: Jesus resurrected for 40 days after being resurrected | दोबारा जीवित होकर ईसा मसीह ने 40 दिन तक दिया उपदेश

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  • Remove decorations from churches and homes on Good Friday, read and recite the last seven sentences of Jesus on this day.

Good Friday may be a good feeling in the name, but the history of this day is painful, because on this day Jesus Christ was crucified, but this son of God still prayed to the Lord that O God forgive them, they don’t know what they are doing. According to the Bible, that day was Friday. This time it will be celebrated on 2 April.

Jesus was resurrected on Sunday
On the third day of Good Friday, the Sunday Christ was resurrected and continued to teach among the people for 40 days. They celebrate this resurrection as Easter Sunday. This time it is on 4 April. Easter is celebrated on the morning of the morning, because Jesus was resurrected at this time. It is called Sunrise Service.

Fast starts 40 days ago
Many people also express their gratitude to Jesus for this sacrifice, fast 40 days in advance, which is called Lent. Some people keep the fast only on Fridays and pray. On the day of Good Friday, devotees pray and donate with fasting. On this day, decorations are removed from churches and homes. The last seven sentences of Jesus are interpreted on Good Friday which focus on forgiveness, reconciliation, help, and sacrifice.

That’s why it’s called good friday
Good Friday is called Good because Jesus Christ freed mankind from sin and punishment by his sacrifice. Taking life again after his death, he gave the message that, O man, I am with you forever and it is my purpose to do good to you. Here Good means Holi (English word) i.e. holy, hence this Good Friday is also called Holi Friday or Great Friday.

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