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Gupt Navratri Ke Upay In Hindi – 21 फरवरी तक है गुप्त नवरात्रि, इन उपायों को आजमा कर बदल सकते हैं अपना भाग्य

Know about some such measures that will solve your every crisis immediately.

Navratri has been considered highly important in Sanatan Dharma. In these too, Gupta Navratri is said to fulfill all the wishes. The Dharma-Karma measures performed in Gupta Navaratri show immediate effect as compared to other days and work very effectively. This is the reason why seekers seeking tantric and other siddhis want to complete their practice in Gupta Navaratri. Know about some such measures that will solve your every crisis immediately.

This desire of Lord Shiva fulfills every wish, try this way today only

These measures of Bhaironji can change fate overnight

To remove all your misfortune
If you have encountered such a problem that you do not see any solution and you are surrounded on all sides, then in such a situation reciting Durga Saptashati will work for you Brahmastra. Remember that some rules have to be taken care of in the lesson of Durga Saptashati, so you should be as vegetarian as possible, do not condemn or insult women and give food to the beggars who come home.

Ritual practice
Ten different forms of Maa Bhagwati are considered together which are called Dashamavidya. Worshiping them can also get rid of all the problems of life. But the most important thing in their practice which you should keep in mind is that it is not possible to worship all the ten forms at home, but only three or four goddesses can be worshiped at home. Cremation is mandatory to worship the remaining forms. With this, if you worship them only under the supervision of a qualified teacher, then there will be profit, otherwise there can be loss in place of profit.

Kali Sahasranama text
If you are not able to do more puja and you lack the time or you cannot speak pure Sanskrit then chanting Kali Sahasranama will also be appropriate for you. Its words are simple and its text shows immediate effect.