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guru ka rashi parivartan, Jupiter transit in capricorn, guru ka rashifal, guru makar rashi me | 20 नवंबर से शनि के साथ बनेगा गुरु का योग, 60 साल में एक बार होता है ऐसा

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2 month ago

  • The combination of Guru-Saturn will create a low-level Raja Yoga, in January, a combination of Sun, Guru and Saturn will be formed.

On Friday, 20 November, Devguru Jupiter leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn. The Capricorn zodiac sign is said to be low. Although it is not considered good for a guru to come in a low zodiac, but there is nothing to worry, this time the guru will be with Saturn in Capricorn. Both planets will remain at the same fraction. Such a combination of Shani-Guru is formed only once in about 60 years.

The presence of Guru and Saturn in the same zodiac is not a common astrological phenomenon, it happens only once in 20 years when both planets are in one zodiac. Especially in Capricorn, such an event happens only once in sixty years, which we call dual transits in astrological language.

Changes will come in the society due to Shani-Guru’s yoga

Capricorn has been described as the sign of heaven. This is a very important amount. The association of Shani-Guru is a sign of a huge change in the society.

Although Capricorn is the low zodiac of Guru, but Saturn is situated in its own zodiac. When the combination of Guru-Shani is formed, then the low-level Raja Yoga will be formed.

The powers that Saturn represents in our life are discipline, rules, hard work, all these good qualities can be turned into a Raja Yoga by removing the lowliness of Guru.

Shani-Guru’s yoga is special for those who do jobs

If you are employed, take special care of training and performance of your fellow employees, because with their support you can be safe. If you are a student, the more discipline you remain in discipline, the better the outcome will be.

Those who are constantly growing in their business or are making very good progress in their jobs, then it is time to reduce their speed, this is not the time to expand, but it is time to check.

This yoga will also be special for areas related to religion

This time is very good to carry forward the work of religion, once in 60 years such a Yuti takes place and in that too special time is when Jupiter and Saturn will be on the same fraction. Both planets will remain very close to each other. The time is from 16 December to 29 December. You can spend this time of two weeks in knowledge, meditation, meditation.

Yoga of Sun, Guru and Saturn on Makar Sankranti

On the Makar Sankranti in January, when the Sun also enters Makara, the three largest planets of the Solar System, the Sun, Saturn and the Guru are all living together. From Makar Sankranti to 12 February, this one month can also be very important for all spiritual seekers.

Capricorn is an earth element predominant sign, it can also be the time of agricultural revolution. There may also be positive changes in the mining industry, real estate.

If Capricorn is also a variable zodiac, then there is a possibility of some change in political boundaries. Areas related to earthquakes may require a little more caution.

Astrologer Ashutosh Chawla (Head, Astrology and Vastu Department, Vedic Religion Institute, Art of Living)