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H0w to get blessings of shri hanuman on Tuesday

With the blessings of Hanuman ji all the spoiled works are completed in a pinch…

Today is the day of Tuesday, due to which the god Dev himself is considered as Sri Hanuman ji i.e. Bajrangbali. At the same time, Hanuman ji is also called the God of Kalyug, in such a situation, it is believed that by worshiping Hanuman ji on this day, he is pleased immediately and gives the desired blessings.

According to the experts, with the blessings of Hanuman ji all the spoiled works are completed in a pinch. It is said that Hanuman ji is also present in Kalyug. Devotees always feel the presence of Hanuman in the recitation of Shri Ram Katha and Sundar Kanda. At the same time, if Hanuman ji’s blessings were received, then all the work was done.

Hanuman ji is also known by the names Mahavir, Rudravatar, Pawan Putra, Anjani Putra etc. Almighty Shri Ram devotee Hanuman always maintains blessings on his devotees. It is believed that their worship relieves black magic, financial, health, negative energy, study and fear related problems.

In such a situation, on Tuesday, we are telling you about some easy tricks related to Hanuman ji, in respect of which it is believed that they are capable of removing all your troubles …

1. If Shani creates a problem and after all the pooja recitations there is no solution, then offer Hanuman to Chola on Saturday. Along with this, chant vermilion and jasmine oil offering chant Hanuman Chalisa or other mantras of Hanuman ji and light a lamp of sesame oil. After offering coconut with black gram and jaggery, remember the 108 names of Hanuman to avoid Saturn hindrance. It is believed that doing so will definitely bring good changes in your life.

2. If Mars is causing health problems in your life and you are not able to get out of this problem. So on Tuesday offer Hanuman ji with jasmine oil with vermilion, vermilion and gram, and sunflower flowers. After this, take the leaves of 9 peepal leaves with sandal wood and write Sri Ram on them and then chant Hanuman and then make 108 rounds of Hanuman and pray. It is said that by doing this, all your spoiled work will be made in a pinch.

3. If fear is not leaving you and you are under stress. So do special worship of Hanuman ji for 7 days. Read Hanuman Ashtak and Hanuman Chalisa 100 times daily. It is believed that doing so is definitely beneficial.

4. If you want to please the Lord completely, then tie the placenta according to your height, wrap it on coconut and make it swatika with saffron or vermilion and offer Hanuman ji by reading Hanuman Chalisa

5. Keep your mouth facing south and sit under the Peepal tree for seven days every day and read Hanuman Chalisa 180 times, it is believed that doing so will open the doors of your wealth.

6. If you are having problems with the planets, then distribute prasad and chant Hanuman Chalisa at Hanuman ji’s temple every Tuesday and Saturday with black gram and jaggery.