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Get out of the crisis, including strengthening the economic situation…

There are good and bad times in life. But many times a person is trapped in a grave crisis, then he tries in every way to get out of it. In such a situation, where some people come out of such crises, some people do not get success despite all efforts. Actually, when a person is surrounded by a grave crisis, a sudden crisis, it becomes very difficult to find a way out of it.

In such a situation, some such measures have been mentioned in Vastu, including spirituality, in relation to which it is believed that with the help of these remedies a person gets a lot of help. It is also said that the crisis can be overcome immediately by the person trying these few measures.

These are easy solutions!

: Do not forget to burn camphor in the morning, evening and night.

: Read Hanuman Chalisa text daily.

: Never quarrel while going out of the house.

: Eat something sweet before going out.

: In the evening (during Dhardhari) playing, traveling, quarreling, abusing, watching TV, bringing bad thoughts in mind and brain etc., all the work is surrounded by problems.

: Keep pouring oil in the doors of doors, that is, when opening or closing the door, you make a sound, which according to Vastu is very inauspicious and harmful.

Weapons of wealth growth …
Many measures are taken to increase wealth in most of the houses, but due to lack of complete information, its benefits are not available. If there is no progress in your life or if the works made are spoiled, then there are some tricks in Tantra Shastra of Astrology, which you can benefit from trying.

It is believed that by doing these Totko, not only the money related problem is eliminated, but also measures are taken to maintain happiness and peace in the family. We have brought some such tricks for you, which are considered to be very effective for increasing money…

: Burn the mustard oil lamp at the main gate of the house from the first Saturday to the 7th of Krishna Paksha and then offer the remaining oil of the extinguished lamp in the morning to the peepal tree, by doing so, it ends the economic problems and ish Gods get blessings. Also, you wrap the musk in yellow cloth and keep it in your vault or money place, by doing this money increases.

According to Tantra Shastra, for economic prosperity, bring water from the crematorium well or chapakal till 6 Saturday and offer it on the Peepal tree. By doing this, the debt situation ends and you also get an increase in funds. Keep in mind that when bringing water, do not look back. Also, on the day of Amavasya, provide food to the disabled person, this will strengthen your financial position.

: On Friday, donate a broom in the temple of Maa Lakshmi and recite Kanakadhara Stotra, by doing this Maa Lakshmi is pleased and blessed. After this, purify the root of Ashoka with Ganges water and then place it on the place of wealth. By doing this, the financial situation will improve and your fund will increase.

: According to Tantra Shastra, take cinnamon powder seven times and spread anti-clockwise agarbatti on it and wish for money growth and then sprinkle it in your purse, vault or wherever you have money, and the remaining cinnamon Keep the powder in the temple of the house itself and perform the action here every second-third day. By doing this, your wish will be fulfilled soon.

: On any Tuesday or Thursday of Shukla Paksha, take it in an earthen pot and put whole dry coriander and 21 rupees coins in it and put soil on top. Mix the soil and coriander with a light hand and then add a little water. After doing this, place the vessel in the north direction and give a little water everyday.

When coriander comes out, use it and tie the coins in red cloth and hang it in the house or office. This trick of getting money will prove to be very effective for you.

: For the fulfillment of desire, first place your right hand side leg on the earth first, then after bathing and meditating, offer milk mixed in water on Shyam Tulsi plant and tell your wishes. After this, keep unbroken cloves in mustard oil in the evening and burn them in a deserted place. By doing this, your wish will be fulfilled soon and blessings of the Gods will also be given.