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In Navratri, the size of the goddess mother grows daily here

Temple of Kuldevi of Pandavas …

This year i.e. in 2021, Gupta Navratri is starting from February. In such a situation, from today we are telling you the things related to the miraculous temples and miracles of the Mother Goddess.

In fact, it is believed that on the call of devotees, Sherawali runs. There is also evidence of this in many temples, where there are stories of the goddess appearing to protect her devotees.

In such a situation, today we are telling you the story of another such temple. Which is considered to be the temple of the Kuldevi of the Pandavas. You will be surprised to know, but it is true that the statue of mother installed in the temple here is normal throughout the year.

In the days of Lakin Navratri, the size of the idol of the mother increases day-by-day. At the same time, the statue of Navami’s day mother comes out of the sanctum sanctorum.

So let’s know about this temple, where the size of the goddess mother’s statue keeps increasing throughout Navratri and also know how Viraji was here. …

Actually today we are talking about the temple. It is located on the hills of the forest area on the Nain Kailaras-Pahargarh road in Morena, Madhya Pradesh. In the forests, Goddess Bhavani sits in the name of ‘Mother Bahralee Wali Mata’.

The special thing in this temple is that in nine days of Navratri, the size of the idol of Maa Bahrara keeps increasing every day. Not only this, on the day of Navami, the idol of the mother comes out of the womb-cave.

According to the legend in relation to the temple, the Pandavas worshiped their Kuldevi here during the exile and it was during the worship itself that the Kuldevi was assimilated into a large rock.

It is said that many times the local people tried to sculpt the idol of the temple in the temple but all the efforts proved to be useless. It is also a legend that the Pandavas had brought the Mother Goddess here and she had made the mother’s reputation. However, at that time it was a dense forest.

After this, local resident Vihari settled Bahrara in Samvat 1152 and then in 1621, Khanderao Bhagat built the temple of Bahrara Mata. Since then, the worship process has been going on in the temple.

Here devotees from every corner of the country come and see the delectable form of the mother. The fair is organized in the temple on special occasions of Vasantika and Sharadiya Navratri.

According to the legend, when the Pandavas worshiped Kuldevi with the rituals of marriage, she was very happy. And the Mother Goddess said to Arjuna, O Arjuna, I am happy with your devotion and worship. Tell me what boon you want.

Then Arjun said, O mother, I do not need much more from you as a boon, nor have I worshiped you for any boon. My only wish is that as per time and policy we five brothers have to spend 12 years of exile and one year of exile, so I want you to go with me happily.

Mother was pleased and gave a boon to Arjun
On this Kuldevi said, O Arjuna, I am very happy with your devotion. You have become my favorite, I cannot refuse you even though I want to, Arjuna, I am ready to walk with you but I have a condition that you will go ahead and I will follow. Wherever you look back at me, I will be permanently enthroned there. Arjuna agreed to his clan goddess and he went ahead.

It is said that after walking a long distance, Arjun reached the city of Virat passing through the path of the jungles, so he wanted to see Kuldevi’s mother coming back. He completely forgot that the Goddess has refused to look back.

He felt that Kuldevi could not look back at all. As soon as Arjuna looked back, in the same way, Kuldevi following Arjuna from Hastinapur entered a rock. Then Arjuna remembered the promise given to Kuldevi.

Arjuna repeatedly begged Kuldevi, but Kuldevi said, Arjun, now I will remain here as this rock. From then till today the Kuldevi of Pandavas is still worshiped as Shila.

It is known that there is a wonderful cistern in the temple of deaf mother. The water of this pool never dries up. It is believed that all the devotees who take this water, their sins and sins are removed. Also, all his desires are also fulfilled.