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Temple, where every moment happens feeling the presence of miraculous power

Kaumari Devi cave temple is situated inside the cave of Katyura period.

In this year, Gupta Navratri is going to start from 12 February 2021 day Friday in 2021. These nine days of Navratri are the days of worship of the nine forms of Goddess Durga. In such a episode of Navratri, we are telling you about the special Mata temples of the country.

Under which today we are telling you about a temple in relation to which it is believed that this old famous temple is a separate miraculous power form in itself, this temple is situated inside the cave and this temple belongs to the Katyur era. is.

Actually today we are talking about Maa Kaumari Devi Cave Temple … which is located in the beautiful plains of Naura forest area of ​​Lamgra block, about 31 km from Almora, the cultural city of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand.

It is said that this is a very old and famous temple, which is present in a cave. The presence of a different miraculous power in the temple itself is realized. According to experts, this temple belongs to the Katyur era.

Actually, there is some mystery, supernatural power and stories about Maa Durga’s form (Kaumari) cave temple. The temple is surrounded by trees of pine, badash, cedar.

The rock cave of this temple is one of the 108 names of Mother Durga (Komari), the temple is on the hill of Shivalik, which gives protection shields to the girls and newlyweds of their name. It is such a supernatural site of the Mother Goddess, where there are many mythological stories related to Shiva’s son Kartikeya and Pandavas.

History of Maa Kaumari Cave Temple
According to mythology, in the cave temple located in this cave, when Maa Parvati insisted on marrying Lord Shiva to Kumar Karthikeya and Ganesha, Mahadev started the arrangement and said that the two of them, circling the whole earth, first He will appear in front of the parents and he will be given the first opportunity.

After which Kumar Karthikeya got out in the air on his vehicle Mayur, while Ganapathi stood there and bowed with his parents and bowed and stood in front.

On this Gajanan was asked – O Gajanan you are standing, then he replied that for me the whole earth is his parents, no one is older than him, according to the legend, Shiva and Parvati blessed Ganesha and circled the earth. When Kumar Karthikeya returned. So he was considered a loser, leaving Karthikeya angry and leaving Kailash.

According to the legend, when Kartikeya turned towards the south and entered many caves, the power of Kumar Kartikeya was contained in these rocks, this form is called Maa Kaumari, in this cave, the mother’s piety is worshiped. is.

Here the temple of mother is also called the temple of Kumari Devi, the country also has the temple of Mother Kumari Devi at other places in the world, mainly in Kumari Devi Temple, Kathmandu, Devi Kumari Temple, Kanyakumari.

Story related to Pandavas …
According to the stories, during the visit of the Pandavas to the Pandavas, the positive power of this place was drawn towards them and they also stopped here and meditated and meditated for several days. Under this, the collision of the giant mace inside the cave can be displayed as proof, many such pictures are displayed here …

Archaeological significance
The outer and inner walls of the cave here show archaeological significance, while the circular pits and ridges seen in the inner part (inverted roof) also show a lot.

Camp of saints
Maa Kaumari cave temple is being encamped by saint Mahatmas, Bhagwat stories from time to time and grand fair is organized on Shivratri day. There is a tradition of offering Chunri, Bindi, Shidur, Churida, Shringar etc. to the mother Goddess Kaumari Devi in ​​the cave.

Here’s how to reach …
After walking 27 KM from Almora, the cultural city of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand, before going from Thakoli Bazaar near Thak Band to Dharamshala in Baghad Road, a half kilometer walk will take you to the divine form of Maa Komari cave.