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Learn fast, Puja Vidhi, Muhurta-Tithis, Significance, Story and Aarti

Monthly Durga Ashtami is celebrated on the Ashtami date of Shukla Paksha in every month according to the Hindi calendar. Which is also known as Durgashtami and Mass Durgashtami. Durgashtami, which falls on the occasion of Navratri, is called Mahashtami, in addition to this, Durga Ashtami is worshiped and fasted on every month. According to many experts, the monthly Durgashtami which falls every month is very important.

On this day, the devotees worship Durga Maa Durga, observe a fast as well as worship. Apart from this, mother’s aarti and bhajans are also performed on this day. According to belief, chanting Durga mantras on this day brings happiness and prosperity in the house. So let us know today the date of monthly Durgashtami, monthly Durgashtami auspicious time, monthly Durgashtami Puja method and importance of monthly Durgashtami, story of monthly Durgashtami, monthly Durgashtami Aarti-

1. After getting up in the morning on this day after retiring from daily activity, take bath and wear clean red colored clothes and apply red colored tilak in copper vessel and offer it to the Sun God.
2. Clean the house and sprinkle Ganga water in the place of worship and in the house.
3. Take a clean wooden pot or outpost and put red cloth on it.
4. Cleanse the garrison with Ganga water and install the idol or picture of Maa Durga.
5. Incense and lamps should be lit by offering a red flower on the mother’s idol, along with that, 16 items of makeup should also be offered to the mother.

6. After offering fruits and sweets, perform Maa Durga Aarti.
7. After this, one should recite Durga Saptasati at sunrise and sunset by lighting the flame of Mother Durga, one can also recite Durga Chalisa on this day.
8. After reciting Saptasati, one should chant ‘Om and Hri Klein Chamundayai Vichchai’.
9. Then the mother should give the goods of the 16 adornments offered to a temple of Suhagan or Navadurga, it is believed that by doing this, the happy feelings of the house will come back again.

Keep these things in mind during the monthly Durgashtami Puja …
1. For the happiness and prosperity in the house, the mother’s flame should be lit in an igneous angle.
2. The worshiper should face east or north direction at the time of worship.
3. At the time of worship, the items of worship should be kept in the south-east direction.
4. Never commit these mistakes on this day: While worshiping the monthly Durgashtami, it should be kept in mind that the flowers of Tulsi, Amla, Durva, Madar and Aak should not be used in the worship.
5. Never keep more than one idol or photo of mother Durga in the house.

Monthly Durgashtami 2021 dates: Masik Durga Ashtami 2021 Date …
January 21, 2021, Thursday – Poush, Shukla Ashtami
Start – 01:14 PM, January 20
Ended – 03:50 PM, January 21
February 20, 2021, Saturday – Magh, Shukla Ashtami
Start – 10:58 AM, February 19
Ended – 01:31 PM, February 20
March 22, 2021, Monday – Falgun, Shukla Ashtami
Start – 07:09 AM, March 21
Ended – 09:00 AM, March 22
April 20, 2021, Tuesday – Chaitra, Shukla Ashtami
Start – 12:01 AM, April 20
Ends – 12:43 AM, April 21
> May 20, 2021, Thursday – Vaishakh, Shukla Ashtami
Start – 12:50 PM, May 19
Ends – 12:23 PM, May 20
June 18, 2021, Friday – Eldest, Shukla Ashtami
Start – 09:59 PM, June 17
Ends – 08:39 PM, June 18
July 17, 2021, Saturday – Ashadh, Shukla Ashtami
Start – 04:34 AM, July 17
Ended – 02:41 AM, July 18
August 15, 2021, Sunday – Shravan, Shukla Ashtami
Start – 09:51 AM, August 15
Ends – 07:45 AM, August 16
September 14, 2021, Tuesday – Bhadrapad, Shukla Ashtami
Start – 03:10 PM, September 13
Ended – 01:09 PM, September 14
October 13, 2021, Wednesday – Ashwin, Shukla Ashtami
Start – 09:47 PM, October 12
Ended – 08:07 PM, October 13
November 11, 2021, Thursday – Kartik, Shukla Ashtami
Start – 06:49 AM, November 11
Ended – 05:51 AM, November 12
December 11, 2021, Saturday – Margashirsha, Shukla Ashtami
Start – 07:09 PM, December 10
Ended – 07:12 PM, December 11

Importance of Durga Ashtami fast; Masik Durga Mahatva
Durga Ashtami of Navaratri has great importance to please Mother Durga, apart from this, monthly Durgashtami is a day in every month, when devotees can worship Shakti and please them. On the monthly Durgashtami day, devotees of Goddess Durga worship her, as well as fast throughout the day. The devotees who fast and worship every monthly Durga Ashtami, mother Adishakti Jagadambay takes away all their sufferings. They get health, wealth, prosperity and prosperity.

Story of Durgashtami (Monthly Durgashtami story): Masik Durga Ashtami Katha
According to mythological beliefs, in ancient times, Asura Dambha had a son named Mahishasura, who had a strong desire to become immortal since childhood. In order to fulfill his desire, he started the severe penance of Brahma to attain the boon of becoming immortal. Brahma Ji was also pleased with this harsh austerity performed by Mahishasura and he did what Mahishasura wanted. Brahma ji was happy and asked him to ask for the boon he wanted, so Mahishasura, who only wanted to be immortal, forced Brahma to immortalize himself by asking him a boon.

But Brahma ji postponed giving Mahishasura the boon of immortality, saying that death after birth and birth after death is certain, so nothing like immortality has any existence. After which Mahishasura, listening to Brahma Ji, expressed his desire to accept another boon and said that it is okay, Swami, if death is certain, then give me such a boon that I should die from the hands of a woman, apart from this Monster, human or deity, no one can kill me.

After which Brahma Ji gave Mahishasura a second boon. On receiving the boon by Brahma ji, Mahishasura became blinded by arrogance and with this his injustice increased. Freed from the fear of death, he attacked Prithvi Lok with his army, which caused the earth to be trihim-trihim from all sides. In front of his force all creatures and creatures had to bow down. After which, after subduing the Earth and Hades, the arrogant Mahishasura also attacked Indralok, in which he defeated Indra and captured heaven.

Disturbed by Mahishasura, all the gods and goddesses came to Trideva (Mahadev, Brahma and Vishnu) to ask for help. At this, Vishnu advised for the end of the deity Shakti. After which all the gods together called Goddess Shakti for help, and hearing this call, Tej came out of the body of all the gods and created a very beautiful beauty. The mother Tej Shakti came out of the same speed, whose form and intensity also surprised all the gods.

Goddess Durga, created with the help of the Tridevas, was given a lion for the ride by Himwan and similarly all the gods present there also gave each of their weapons to the mother and thus Goddess Durga in heaven was prepared for this problem. It is believed that Mahishasura became very attracted to the Goddess by seeing her very beautiful form, and through one of his messengers, he even approached the Goddess to propose marriage. Arrogant Mahishasura’s furious act made Goddess Bhagwati extremely angry, only after which her mother challenged Mahishasura to battle.

Hearing the war of war against mother Durga, Mahishasura, blind in arrogance of boon received from Brahma ji, also agreed to fight them. In this battle, one by one, Mother Durga was annihilated by the entire army of Mahishasura. During this time it is also believed that this war lasted for a full nine days, during which Mahishasura, the emperor of the Asuras tried several times to deceive the goddess by throwing various forms, but all her efforts ultimately failed and Goddess Bhagwati took this war from her cycle. I killed Mahishasura by beheading him. In the end, Mahishasura died at the hands of Goddess Bhagwati.

It is believed that the festival of Durga Ashtami started from the day Mother Bhagwati liberated the heavenly world, the earth and the earthly world from the sins of Mahishasura.

Maa Durga Ki Aarti (Monthly Durgashtami Aarti) Masik Durga Ashtami Aarti …
Jai Ambe Gauri Maiya Jai ​​Mangal Murthy,
Nishidin attention to you Hari Brahma Shivari .. Tech ..
Demand vermilion tico to mrigamad,
Bright to do naina chandrabadan niko .. jay ..
Kanak saman kalevar raktambar rajai,
Raktapushpa gar mala kanthan par sajai..jay ..
Kehari Vehicle Rajat Kharag Khapdhari,
Sur-nar munijan sevat strake sorrowful .. Jai ..
Kanan Kundal Shobha Nasagre Moti,
Kotik Chandra Diwakar Rajat Samjyoti .. Jay ..
Shumbh nishumbh bidare mahishasura ghati,
Smoke Villochan Naina Nishidin Madamati .. Jay ..
Sixty-four yoginis are dancing on Mars,
Bajat Tal Mridanga Aru Bajat Damru ..Jai ..
The arm has four very beautiful pillars,
Desired Fruit Recipient Sevat Male Female .. Jay ..
Kanchan thal virajat agar kapoor wick,
Rajat Koti Ratan Jyoti in Sri Malaketu .. Jay ..
Mr. Ambezi’s Aarti, which is a male song,
Kahat Shivanand Swami Pleasure-wealth Pow .. Jai ..