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Mangal Dev ; the factor of courage and the commander of the gods, originated here

The mighty planet and place of birth of Dev Senapati…

As such, there are thousands of millions of temples in India. These include temples of many planets including Goddess Deity. But one such temple is also present in the heart of India, in relation to which it is believed that the planets of might in astrology, which we also know as Dev Senapati, were born from here, so till this planet Earth son It is called.

Yes, we are talking about Mangal Dev, who has many temples in the country, but the temple we are referring to is very special. Because at this place Mangal Dev was born due to Shivaji’s grace. Hence it is also called the mother of Mars. The secret of Mars being red is also associated with this temple. Devotees from every corner of the country come here to worship Mangal Dosh.

Actually, the temple we are talking about is located in Ujjain, the religious capital of Madhya Pradesh. This temple is known as Mangalnath Temple. According to the Puranas, the city of Ujjain is called the mother of Mars. That is, Mangal Dev was born here. Regarding Mangalnath temple, it is recognized that Mars is situated in the sky just above this temple.

In Matsyapuran and Skandapuran etc., detailed mention is made regarding Mangal Dev. According to this, Mangal Dev was born in Ujjain itself and Mangal Nath Temple is the place where the birth place of God is due to which this temple is considered to have divine qualities.

According to the Avantika section of the Skanda Purana, Shivaji was given a boon by a demon named Andhakasura that hundreds of demons would be born from his blood. After the boon, this monster caused havoc in Avantika. Then the oppressed prayed to Shiva. Shambhu himself fought with Andhakasura to overcome the crisis of the devotees. There was a fierce war between the two.

Shivji’s sweat started flowing. Due to the heat of Rudra’s sweat drop, Ujjain’s earth split and split into two parts and it was from here that Mars was born. Shiva killed the monster and the newly created Mars absorbed his blood drops. It is said that this is why the land of Mars is red in color.

It is believed about the temple that worshiping here gets rid of Mangal Dosha as soon as possible. This temple takes all the miseries of the life of the devotees. Mars is also said to be the son of Lord Shiva and Prithvi. Due to this, Mangal is also worshiped in the temple as Shiva.

Special prayers are offered at Mangalnath Temple on Angarak Chaturthi in March. On this day special yagya-havans are performed. It is said that by worshiping on this day, Mangaldev immediately becomes pleased. This is the reason that people come to Ujjain city from far and wide for the peace of Mars on this day.