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Mesha Sankranti 2021/Hindu Teej Tyohar 2021| Sun Planet in Aries Sign (Mesha Rashi), Mesha Sankranti Vrat Katha Story Importance and Significance | इस दिन सूर्य करेगा अपनी उच्च राशि में प्रवेश, खरमास खत्म होने से शुरू होंगे मांगलिक काम

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  • Mesha Sankranti 2021 Hindu Teej Tyohar 2021 | Sun Planet In Aries Sign (Mesha Rashi), Mesha Sankranti Vrat Katha Story Importance And Significance

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2 hours ago

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  • According to astrologers, Aries Sankranti is the first day of the solar calendar, this day is a tradition of sun worship and bathing.

The first Sankranti festival of Hindu New Year will be celebrated on 14 April, Wednesday. On this day, the movement of the sun will change. This planet will come in its high zodiac i.e. Aries. Hence it is called Aries Sankranti festival. It is also called Equinox Sankranti in astrological texts. People who observe solar month (solar calendar) celebrate this day as the beginning of new year. Every kind of auspicious and auspicious works begin with Aries Sankranti.

For bathing donation, there will be a holy life for about 6 hours
On this day there is a tradition of worshiping Lord Surya as well as bathing and donating the pilgrimage. For this, the auspicious time will start from sunrise and will remain till about 12.22 in the afternoon. On this occasion special worship of Lord Surya should be done. On April 14, on Wednesday, after getting up before the sun rises, take a bath with the water of the shrine and then offer water to the sun. For this, use a copper pot. Fill pure water in the lotus and add rice, red sandalwood and red flowers and offer it to the sun. According to reverence after offering water, one should take a pledge to donate food, water, clothes and other things and then donate.

Start of auspicious work
For the last one month, due to being silent from Pisces solstice, there was a ban on Manglik works. Now on April 14, the sun will enter the Aries zodiac sign. Which will start auspicious work. All auspicious works will start from April 14, but the auspicious time for marriage will be on April 22. After this the round of weddings will begin.

Importance of Aries Solstice
Sankranti is very important in Hinduism. In religious texts, it is called a festival. This day ends the Kharmas, hence it is called the day of the beginning of Manglik works. Along with bathing in the holy rivers, it is also considered a big festival of charity.

Donate these things
On Aries Sankranti, people in need should donate food and drink. Also donate clothes and shoes on this day. At the same time, the cow should also feed grass. On this festival of Surya Puja, donate things related to the sun like copper utensils, red cloth, wheat, jaggery, red sandalwood etc. On this day any one of these things can be donated according to your reverence. Salt should also be used in food on this day.

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