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Misrepresenting the truth is not its victory, it becomes hypocrisy, whatever work we do should not be different from the truth | सच को गलत तरीके से पेश करना उसकी जीत नहीं, पाखंड बन जाता है, हम जो भी काम करें वो सत्य से अलग ना हो

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  • Misrepresenting The Truth Is Not Its Victory, It Becomes Hypocrisy, Whatever Work We Do Should Not Be Different From The Truth

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Once Swami Dayanand Saraswati was sitting with his disciples. There was not much crowd there. There were just a select few. Swamiji’s habit was that he used to listen to everyone’s talk very seriously and deeply. Then he used to test his truth, only then he would answer it. He had a disciple, who was very close to him. He told Swamiji that every time you say that doing this is acceptable to the Vedas, it is written in the Vedas that is why it should be done. Do not do such things. Swamiji asked, what should I say then? The disciple said, you tell me that this should work because God has said this in my dream or I have seen it in my dream. This will have a better effect on the front. Swamiji smiled. He replied, Look, I have gone out to promote the truth. If I tell people that I have said this in a dream to God, then it would be a lie. To propagate the truth with false words would be hypocrisy. I do not want to be hypocritical.

Learning – Whatever we do, we must do it in the true and right way. Changing our path by coming under someone’s flattery or wrong advice can also cause us to stray from the floor.

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