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Most Powerful tips to make happy your marriage life

Worship Lord Jupiter to make married life happier …

Lord Vishnu, one of the Adi Panch Devas and Tridevas of Sanatan Dharma, has been entrusted with the task of following and operating the universe. At the same time it is also believed that Lord Vishnu is not an easily pleasing deity. Apart from this, Lord Vishnu is also considered the causative god of the planet Jupiter.

Brihaspati Dev, who is a form of Lord Vishnu himself, is remembered in Sanatan Dharma for any manglicious work conducted on earth due to being the main deity of the observance and operation of creation. Especially in the scriptures of worshiping Brihaspati Dev to strengthen the bonds like marriage and marriage is also mentioned in the scriptures.

It is believed that when the coincidence of Jupiter in one’s destiny is correct, then there will be many problems in his married life. There is also a description in the scriptures that if the husband and wife jointly worship Lord Jupiter, then it definitely has a positive effect on their life and their relationship remains sweet.

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In such a situation, today we are telling you some ways to please Lord Jupiter, in relation to which it is believed that by doing these, in the life of marriage, there is harmony and mutual harmony.

This is how Jupiter has a negative impact on our life…
: If Jupiter is not auspicious in your destiny or the planet Jupiter is in a bad state then it directly affects your marital life and your marital life starts to disturb.
: Not only this, if you are not married and Jupiter is obstructed in your destiny, then the effect is that there are obstacles in your marriage.
: On the other hand, in the context of women, it is said that if Jupiter is weak in his destiny, then there is a possibility of his character being spoiled.

In this way, worship Lord Jupiter to make married life happy …
If you are a husband and wife and there is an ongoing conflict in your relationship, that is, there is an estrangement between the husband and wife about anything, then it is believed that you should worship Lord Jupiter. By doing this, the deadlock in your relationship will end and you will be able to enjoy the happiness of home life happily.

: For this, on Thursday, do the posture for Lord Jupiter at your place of worship. For this, you will have to place a pedestal of yellow cloth and install an idol of Lord Jupiter ie Lakshmi and Vishnu on it and sprinkle Gangajal to purify it.
: In the worship of Lord Jupiter, it is very important that both husband and wife join and worship God with joy.

: During worship, it is very necessary for the husband and wife to wear yellow clothes. God is pleased by wearing yellow clothes.
: During the worship of Lord Jupiter, a suhagan woman should wear a symbol of Suhaag on her head, while the husband must put some cloth on her shoulder.
: Burning a lamp of desi ghee during the worship of Lord Jupiter is also very auspicious. As far as possible, put a thread of saffron in this lamp.

: If there are excessive disputes between husband and wife, then offer red thread or molly to God during worship and tie this molly to both husband and wife on their right wrist, this will reduce the estrangement between the two and the relationship Will be sweet
: If bitterness has increased more than a limit in the midst of husband and wife, then by keeping you fast for 11, 21 or 51 Thursday, God
Vishnu should be pleased, so that your relationship can become normal.

: On Thursday, Thursday, Lord Vishnu is pleased by offering soaked gram and raisins to Lord Vishnu as an offering, and fulfills all your desires.
: On the day of Thursday even if yellow grain, as a donation, is given to Brahmins, it is considered very effective in maintaining stability of marriage.
By adopting these remedies you can improve your impaired Jupiter and enjoy a happy married life.