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Only ten thousand devotees will visited in one day this time

Shaktipeeth was made by falling the navel of Mother Sati …

District administration issued SOP …

One of the main Shakti Peethas of the Mother Goddess is the temple of Purnagiri Mata, which is also considered to be the backside of Mahakali. Every Navratri at the temple of Purnagiri Mata present in Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand attracts huge crowd to visit the mother of the devotees. But this time the administration has to take some new decisions regarding the philosophy of Mother, given that Corona is going to grow again in 2021.

In fact, the Champawat district administration has issued an SOP, saying that during the Purnagiri fair starting from March 30, this time only a maximum of ten thousand devotees will be able to see the mother Purnagiri. Devotees must also register online to come to the fair.

The SOP was finalized in a meeting chaired by DM Vineet Tomar late on Saturday evening. The number of devotees has been limited for the first time in the fair. Earlier, the fair saw lakhs of devotees visiting the mother in a single day.

Apart from this, online registration of devotees has also been made mandatory. The devotees will have to take care of social distancing. Arrangement of sanitizer etc. will also have to be done manually. This time the duration of Purnagiri fair has also been reduced to one month.

Purnagiri Mata Temple is considered to be the back of Mahakali. Actually, wherever the parts of Sati fell, Shaktipeeths were established there. According to the belief, the navel of Sati fell in Purnagiri, due to which, the Goddess’s navel is worshiped and worshiped here.

In connection with this extremely miraculous Shakti Peetha (Purnagiri Mandir), it is said that till a few years ago, it was forbidden to stop here in the evening, while the melodious music coming from here in the evening was heard only by those few and perfect people. Was who used to be present here in the evening. But for him too, reaching this place of music was impossible.

The way to reach here is very bitter and dangerous. Momentary carelessness can end life by being pushed into eternal depths. The water flowing down the Kali river every day causes vibrations in the heart due to the condition of the place.

Devraj Indra also did penance here …
On the way to the temple, there is a place called Tunnas, here, Devraj Indra did penance, such is also a mankind. Here the Trishul, etc., carved on a high peak indicates the place of power where Sati’s navel entrance had fallen.

Atkinson was also deeply impressed by the splendor and beauty of the Purnagiri region. He has written that “The diversity of panoramic views of Purnagiri and the splendor of natural beauty is indescribable, nature has expressed itself on this mountain peak with the omnipresence of the all-encompassing forest wealth.” , Hardly any region of North and South America can overcome it, but only on the strength of recognition and faith, people can illuminate their path in this inaccessible dense forest. “

The temple of Purnagiri Mata is very miraculous and perfect ..
Actually, the temple of Purnagiri is at an elevation of 5500 feet on the Annapurna peak. It is said that the navel of Sati, the daughter of Daksha Prajapati and the Ardhangini Sati of Shiva, fell here from the Vishnu Chakra.

Faithful devotees also visit this Shaktipeeth every year after suffering. This place is in the neighborhood of Nainital district and only 17 kilometers from Tanakpur in Champawat district. “Maa Vaishno Devi” Like the court of Jammu, the Purnagiri court attracts millions of people every year.

Trees are not cut here
This place is considered to be the back of Mahakali, Nepal is next to it. Trees of the area on which the navel region of Sati fell, are not cut. After Tanakpur, pilgrims reach here only after climbing the bus to Thuligadh and after climbing Ghasi.

Tiger also used to come here
According to the elders, till a few years ago, a tiger (mother’s ride) used to come here in the evening, which would stop near the temple of the mother till morning. For this reason, in the past people would vacate this place as soon as evening. It is still considered taboo to go here at night. It is believed that only the gods come here at night.

This is how the court of Mother arrived, keep this preparation
This Dham of Poornagiri Maiya is located in Tanakpur (Uttaranchal). Tanakpur is the nearest railway station to reach here. Apart from this, all the buses are available from Bareilly to Tanakpur.

Taxis and buses are available throughout the day from Tanakpur taxi stand to Purnagiri Dham. The distance from Tanakpur to Purnagiri Dham is 22 kilometers.

The number of pilgrims coming to the Shakti Peetha is more than 25 lakhs throughout the year. You can reach by road or rail to come here. The nearest airport to reach by air is Adra Pantnagar. Warm clothes are necessary here in winter and light woolen clothes may be needed in summer.