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Sawan Somwar: Second Monday Mantra Chant Of Lord Shiv – Sawan somwar: सावन का दूसरा सोमवार, महादेव के इन मंत्रों से पूरी होगी हर मनोकामना

Lord Shiva loves the month of spring

On August 29, the second Monday (sawan somwar) of Sawan is falling and on this day there is also Pradosh (pradosh vrat). Therefore, this Monday is considered very auspicious. Every worship done on this day will get special results. The month of Sawan is very dear to Lord Shiva. The fall of Pradosh on Monday in the month of Lord Shiva is making a very auspicious coincidence. Special worship is done in Sawan for special wishes, it is said that chanting mantra after true prayer on these special days removes bad luck and brings happiness, peace, prosperity and good luck .

Nag panchami 2019: Auspicious coincidence being made after 20 years, all wishes will be fulfilled

sawan somwar

This coincidence has come after many years when Pradosh fast is observed on Monday in the month of Sawan. On this day, if a devotee worships Lord Shiva by worshiping by law, Mahadev fulfills all his wishes. So if you want to get blessings from Shiva, then on Monday, do chant measures and mantras of worship…

Original mantra of lord shiva
Om Namah Shivaya.
Om hrin hran nam: shivaya.
Om Parvatipataye Nam:
Om Pashupataye Namah
Om Namah: Shivaay Shubham Shubham Kuru Kuru Shivaay Namah: ॐ॥

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra-
Om tryambakam yajamahe sugandhin pushtivardhanam urvarukamiva bandhananat mrtyormukshiya mamritat.

Nag panchami: If you see a snake hanging or climbing on a tree, then understand this is going to happen to you…

sawan somwar

Do these measures on the second Monday of Sawan

Those people who are not getting the happiness of children or are facing any kind of problems, then do this remedy on the Monday of Savan
– Anoint Shiva’s sugar with mixed water
– Put a stream of water on the Shivling and keep reading Rudrashtaak
– Pray to Shiva to get children
– If these experiments are done together, it would be better.

If for wealth or economic problem
– Offer Shiva to 108 times
– Every time while offering durva, say “Om Dardaraya Dukh Dahanay Namah Shivaya”
– Your money related problem will definitely go away.

If a person’s health is not well
– Fill water in a pot
– Take lotus water from the sick person’s head.
– Offer this water to Shivling
– Do this experiment continuously for one week.