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Sun will be in Scorpio zodiac from November 16 to December 15, during this time you get great wealth by worship and charity | 16 नवंबर से 15 दिसंबर तक वृश्चिक राशि में रहेगा सूर्य, इस दौरान पूजा और दान से मिलता है महापुण्य

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  • Sun Will Be In Scorpio Zodiac From November 16 To December 15, During This Time You Get Great Wealth By Worship And Charity

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  • These days, taking bath before sunrise and worshiping the rising sun, removes diseases

If Sun moves from one zodiac sign to another, it is called Sankranti. When Sun enters Scorpio from Libra it is called Scorpio Sankranti. From 16 November to 15 December, there will be Scorpio Solstice. According to Hindu Panchang, there are 12 Sankranti in total every year and in every zodiac, Sun stays for 1 month. The position of this sun excursion is called Sankranti.

Importance of Scorpio Solstice
Starting on Monday, its importance has increased further. This solstice is considered very auspicious for religious individuals, financial staff, students and teachers. From Scorpio November 16 to December 15, sun worship and charity removes all kinds of problems. Giving arghya to Lord Surya brings wisdom, knowledge and success.

What to do
According to the texts, it is of importance to donate food and clothes to the needy people during the Scorpio Sankranti (from 16 November to 15 December). At this time, donating a cow to a Brahmin gets greatness.

Worship method

Before sunrise, one should wake up and worship the sun god.

Mix red sandalwood in water and offer water to the sun with a copper pot.

Offer Suryadev with mixed water of roli, turmeric and vermilion.

Put a lamp by mixing red sandalwood in red lamp i.e. ghee.

Offer red flowers to Lord Surya.

Incense Guggul, roli, saffron, vermilion etc. should be offered.

Offer pudding made from jaggery and chant the mantra “Dinakarai Namah” with a garland of red sandalwood.

After worship, apply Naivedya and distribute it as Prasad.

Fruit of scorpio solstice
Incorrect actions can increase with the arrival of the Sun in Scorpio. That is, there is a possibility of theft and corruption. The cost of goods may increase. December 15 can be a troublesome time for many people due to the arrival of Sun in the zodiac sign of Mars. Many people may suffer from cough and cold. On the international level also, the inauspicious effect of the sun will be seen. Conflict between some countries may escalate. India’s relations with surrounding countries can be strained.