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Surya Rashi Parivartan-14 April 2021 मेष राशि में सूर्य का प्रवेश आज, जानें किन्हें मिलेगा राजसुख और किन राशि वालों के लिए बढ़ेगी परेशानी

The Surya (Surya Dev), the king of the planets changes his zodiac sign every month, due to which Sankranti is created. Thus, during the 12 months of the year, the Sun travels in 12 zodiac signs. At the same time, this time, Sun God will sign his high zodiac (Aries). Aries Solstice 2021 ) I have come this morning only. The Sun is considered to be the most powerful while transiting this zodiac sign.

According to astrologers, today i.e. at 13:30 on April 13-14, the Sun God is in Aries. Visible Have done and will be here till 11:23 pm on 14 May 2021.

In this way, all the 12 zodiac signs of the Sun change Good ominous effect (Surya dev Upay) falls. In such a situation, the sun will affect all zodiac signs this time too. Due to this, while some zodiac signs are getting revenue, some may also face difficulties due to this. So let’s know what will be the effect of this zodiac sign of the Sun on all the 12 zodiac signs …

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1. Aries:
At this time, the transit of the Sun will remain in your own zodiac sign. In such a situation, this zodiac sign of the sun will be very special for you. While it will strengthen your morale and confidence. At the same time, it will give you the best results.

During this time, you will get full support of the government. At this time your popularity in the social sector will increase. At the same time, due to getting respect in the field of jobs, at this time you will continuously move forward in the field of your career.

Remedy : Chant the Gayantri Mantra everyday during sunrise.


2. Taurus:
The transit of the Sun will remain in the twelfth house, ie, the expenditure price. This zodiac sign of the Sun will prove to be normal for you. During this time you can go on a journey. The possibilities of economic investment are also visible, but before making any investment, do think carefully.

At the same time, you can get relief from any chronic disease. At this time, you will try to improve your relationship. If a court case is going on, then be cautious in it. Your interest in charity will increase. Enemy sides will remain calm.

Remedy : Donate copper on Sunday.

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3. Gemini:
At this time, the transit of the Sun will be in the eleventh house ie income from your own zodiac sign. The transit of the planet Sun will bring economic opportunities for you. Due to which the business will expand. The speed of functioning will accelerate.

At the same time, many opportunities for profit can come in your hands. Your mind will be happy With the help of old friends, some of your unfinished work can be completed. There are chances of getting huge profits in the business.

Remedy: Feed jaggery to cows on Sundays.

4. Cancer:
At this time, the transit of the Sun will be from your own zodiac sign on the tenth house. This position of the Sun can give you special success. Promotion opportunities are being created in the job sector. Due to this, more work is expected to be achieved even in less work.

The economic situation will remain strong during this period. Will also increase through earnings. Will receive cooperation support from father. Better coordination will be maintained between husband and wife. Good news of progress can be received from children.

Remedy : On the advice of some expert, wear a good quality ruby ​​crafted in gold or copper in the right hand ring finger on Sunday.

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5. Leo:
At this time, the transit of the sun will be on the 9th house from your zodiac, that is, luck. This zodiac change of Sun will have a great effect on you. Due to which your luck will shine. The old contacts you made will prove beneficial at this time.

Money profit will increase. You will be successful in accumulating wealth for the future. Married people can get the best marriage relationship. There will be positive changes in love life. You will be at the forefront of religious work. There may be a chance to help the needy.

Remedy : Do Surya Namaskar every day at sunrise.


6. Virgo zodiac sign:
The transit of the Sun will be in your eighth house i.e. age sign at this time. This zodiac change of Sun will prove to be good for you. During this time, you can get a sudden money benefit, which will make your mind very happy.

You will complete your required plans properly. Influential people will get guidance. Parental health will improve. Brothers and sisters will help. In the midst of spiritual progress, any unfulfilled desire of yours can be fulfilled. You can go on a profitable journey in connection with work.

Remedy : Giving Surya Namaskar along with giving water to the sun every day at sunrise.

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7. Libra zodiac:
At this time, the transit of the sun will be in the seventh house from your zodiac i.e. marriage. Due to this transit of the Sun, you will get medium fruit. Leadership will increase. Good news of progress can be received from children. Whereas you will be very worried about the health of your spouse.

If you want to start a business in partnership, then think carefully. While talking to anyone, you have to control your words. You will have to do more to run for any important work. Pay attention to your health.

Remedy : Before leaving the house take blessings of father or elder elders of the house.


8. Scorpio zodiac:
The transit of the Sun will be in your seventh house, ie disease and enemy house from your zodiac at this time. The movement of the Sun seems a bit difficult for you guys. During this time you will have to keep a check on your expenses, otherwise you may face financial crisis in future.

You may get some new responsibilities, for which you should be prepared in advance. Health will fluctuate. Family atmosphere will be good. All the family members will support you fully. Secret enemies may try to spoil your functioning.

Remedy : Every day read the ‘Aditya Hriday’ source.

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9. Sagittarius:
At this time, the transit of the Sun will be in the fifth house from your zodiac i.e. intellect and son. Sun transit is going to be very spectacular for you. At this time, you can get a good advantage in your work wisely.

Your efforts will prove beneficial. Earnings will increase. Confidence and courage will increase in love life. You can plan to hang out with your sweetheart somewhere. Students of the students will wave the success of any competitive exam.

Remedy: Fast on Sunday.

10. Capricorn:
The transit of the Sun will be in the fourth house i.e. mother and happiness from your zodiac at this time. This transit of the Sun will prove to be good for you. More facilities are likely to increase. There will be good benefit in works related to Bhoomi Bhavan.

At this time, people with a job may get a transfer to a desired place. The advice of any elder in the house can prove beneficial for you.

Remedy : Do Pranayam every morning.

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11. Aquarius:
At this time, the transit of the Sun will be in the third house from your zodiac, that is, the power of might. Due to which your courage and might will increase at this time. The transit of the Sun planet can open new paths of success for you. Business will do well. There may be profitable agreements.

Students will be interested in studies. Decisions in court court actions may come in your favor. Old contacts you make will prove to be beneficial. You will get more benefits from hard work in connection with the work. Can travel related to business.

Remedy : Donate the necessary items to the needy people.

12. Pisces:
The transit of the Sun will be in the second house i.e. money and speech from your own zodiac at this time. During this time, there are strong chances of strengthening the economic side. Married people can get the best marriage relationship. At the same time, you will spend time with your family members happily.

Your good nature and behavior will increase respect. Sun transit will also have a significant impact on your financial situation. Good news is likely to be received through tele-communication. Your personality will improve.

Remedy : Recite “Ram Raksha Stotra” every day at sunrise.

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